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Hi, question about eye color?

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Hi, im totally new to this forum so excuse me if i have posted this in the wrong section and feel free to move it if needed.

I have recently recieved a beautiful 10 week old tabby and white male kitten who we have named Stunna, i have noticed that his eyes are a lovely grey color. I have never seen a cat with grey eyes before and i am aware that cats eyes change color during these few weeks but his have already changed from that Kitten Blue.

He is just a regular moggie, a harliquin cat i think as he only has tabby on the very top of his head, two patchs on his lower back and his tail is black tabby.
So thats what i was wondering, has anyone else seen this grey eye color in cats? Is this really uncommon? or is it just that his eyes will eventually change to another color.
Thanks in Advance.
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He's only ten weeks old... I'd bet his eyes could still change.
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Hello fellow Englander!!

I am not sure if the colour will change but he does sound stunning!! Tiramisu (sadly not with me anymore) had the most amazing amber eyes! I had never seen such beautiful eyes in a cat so I can imagin a grey colour is possible too? Though if it is his colour it is rare, I love the cornflower blue of the siamese
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His eyes will change.
All my cats were that color when they were kittens.
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Nora's eyes were that color at that age, and now they are a very bright gold, as you can maybe see in my sig. I bet they still change, but they sound pretty!
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Thanks for all your replies, i do hope he keeps this color, its beautiful
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They generally change from blue to gray then to whatever the permanent color is.
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He should have his colour by about 3 months, probably gold or amber.
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my cat still has her beautiful sharp green eyes that she had when she was a kitten.
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