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Question Of The Day, Wednesday January 21st!

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Good Wednesday morning!

Here's today's Question Of The Day!

What do you do in the middle of winter, when you feel 'cabin fever' catching up with you?

It normally doesn't affect me too much. Although, I have to admit, last weekend I had it really bad! We were in the middle of a heavy snow storm, it was bitter cold outside, and I was bored. I pulled everything out of my pots and pan cupboard, cleaned it up, matched lids to containers, and threw out stuff I hadn't used in years. It's so organized now that it almost frightens me!!! In over 30 years of housekeeping, I've never been possessed enough by cabin fever to do something like this!!! Usually I settle down for a nice nap until it passes, lol!!!
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Sleep or bake cookies
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I get as far away from my aprtment as I can get. Normaly to a mall or other store where I can walk around for a bit and stretch my legs. Then I go home an make a summer feeling dinner, some fresh veggies and grilled foods. Allways makes me feel better.
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We take a couple of mini vacations.We go up to North Conway N.H. and spend a couple of nights at a nice hotel that has two big pools and hot tubs one inside and one outside. Do some shopping and just have a break. And we are going this coming Monday and staying two nights..
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Never had it. I'm perfectly content inside by myself and usually able to find something to pass my time.
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I wished to know what it feels....
Maybe as well Paula says,...
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Well I certainly seem to eat more!! I read alot of books.
Or just get out of the house and do some window shopping (or just shopping).

Only two months until spring!!
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... cabin fever?

I never go outside in the summer, it's too darned hot!

Hee. If I get bored I do projects.
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There's always something to be done so it just doesn't happen to me. I so look forward to having some time when I'm not working at home so that I can get out into the garden or go out for a lovely winter walk.
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I book a day at one of the local resorts that has a pool and spend the day, swimming, in the hot tub, and in the sauna. That generally puts me in a good mood for awhile. I usually do it once in early January, and once around the middle of March. It's not really that expensive because it is off season, and when 3-4 of us go together we all chip in.
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I usually just go walk around the mall or go to the gym.
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I go out for a nice long hike. Yes, it's cold and snowy, but the walking is good for you and it gets you out in the fresh air. However, I keep busy with my cats, so I don't have much time to catch cabin fever
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I don't know that I've had cabin fever from weather so I have no idea. I've gotten bored from being stuck at home too long with being sick before, but usually I just go to sleep since I'm sick and all...
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We go to the city and go shopping.
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We have full-spectrum bulbs all over the house for my husband, who is affected by the short, dark days in winter. We also burn lots of fires in the fireplace in the winter which makes the house warm and bright.

Personally, I like the dark and cold, they make me happy.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
What do you do in the middle of winter, when you feel 'cabin fever' catching up with you?
Cabin fever. What's that? I just came in from a drive in my convertible with the top down. 70 degrees F.
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It's never really that cold here but there are always plenty of kitties to cuddle!
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I go on a cleaning/organizing spree.
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It generally is warm enough here to where we aren't stuck inside. The most snow I've seen in 5 years happened yesterday for all of 10 minutes. Scattered snowflakes that melted by the time they hit the ground.

So no cabin fever here, although I kind of wish once in awhile I'd end up with it!
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If the weather's not too hideous I go skiing. When it's not fit for man or beast out there, I usully pick up a quilt (and finish it in record time)
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Cabin fever. What's that? I just came in from a drive in my convertible with the top down. 70 degrees F.
You know, you are just evil! It got all the way up to 23F today, and that is a heat wave right now!

When I'm actually snowed in when I can't get anywhere I like to play with the dogs in the snow or take a short walk. Nothing is better than walking in the snow, getting cold and coming into a warm toasty house. If I'm really adventurous, I'll walk up the road and invade my MIL and let her entertain me.
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Not an issue with our mild winters
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