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Sunday (Mother's Day) DT

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Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!

Spending my day at home with BF and cats, as my mom and aunt went to Atlantic City for the day. I hope they are winners!
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I'm just relaxing withe family. I gave Mom her presents this morning and she cried like a baby. She always does! I got her 2 new outfits for the summer. She never buys any new clothes for herself. She'd rather go to a thrift store or something to buy her clothes. So, I bought her a Mothers Day tee shirt, a pair of capri jeans, and a matching outfit (short sleeve shirt with capri pants). Looks like I might have to return the matching's too big! OOPS! She just laughed it off...hope I didn't offend her!

Tonight we are having Enchiladas for dinner (which is my Grandma's favorite!). So, we invited Grandma over for Mothers Day dinner.

Well...that's about all that's happening here today. Hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!!
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Happy Mother's Day!!

My mom and dad went out shopping, and I have no money so I figured I'd stay home and relax for a while, before I head back to my stack of chemistry homework (this weekend is 245 questions about nomenclature. Fun! )

I was going to take a nap, but Socks was against it. I'm not allowed to use the pillows during the day. We work in shifts, I can have the pillows at night, but I am not to touch them in the daytime. Especially her Scooby pillow. My cat doesn't own me, no, not at all.

(No, there's nothing wrong with her eye. She just wasn't quite awake yet...and the camera monster was after her!)

Can't you just see the evil in her eyes? She protects that Scooby like it's her child. It's very weird!
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Happy Mother's Day everyone!

My family decided to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day together this year, so I am making a big dinner in a few weeks. It's a good thing, since I haven't finished my mom's present! And I have a huge stack of papers to grade and a few chapters to read for my grad class.

Jen, Socks certainly does love her pillow. And none of use are owned by our cats. We're their willing slaves.
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I'm just staying home with my family...and relaxing...maybe do some laundry..have to cook supper tonight's ok though cuz it's a favorite of everyone's..Chicken fried rice!!! yummm
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Originally posted by bren.1

Jen, Socks certainly does love her pillow. And none of use are owned by our cats. We're their willing slaves.
LOL. Don't have to tell me twice.

And to think, it was once my Scooby! The nerve of grandma buying one for me and not for her!

Christmas, 2002:

Scooby belongs to me!

Boxing Day, 2002:
Scooby belongs to Socks!

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Just another day here.
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Yes! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Hope everyone is having a really good day! (sherral46--hope your day gets better from here on!!!)

Oh and, --I know, even if the kitties don't always seem like they appreciate us, they DO!!
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This is one of the more difficult days for me. It's tough having Mother's Day shoved in your face for a month when your mother isn't here anymore.

Earl's trying to make it a good day, though. He was going to get me a card from the kitties until I threatened bodily harm. We settled on a REALLY good dinner - crab legs and shrimp scampi. Figured the kitties may like to sample a bit of shrimp with us, too (they don't like crab).

Hope everyone has a great day, and I do wish a very Happy Mother's Day to all of us since we are kitty moms if not children's moms.
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I suppose that Mark will call, sometime today. Things are tough for them, right now so, no gift. I understand and I DID see them, yesterday. Nothing, from Bill of course.

I'm watching my budget so, I'll take Mom's prezzie to her, tomorrow after work. She doesn't live too far, from there and I'll save a bit of gas. She's geting a T-shirt, with a beagle one it and a sculpted beagle's head "Welcome" plaque.

Hope you all have a good Mother's Day.
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Just another day here too, no one remembered Mothers Day, but oh well. I'm getting a new cell phone on Tuesday, (the one I've been wanting) and my kittens vaccinations on Tuesday so thats quite alot of money being spent so I'm not gonna complain. My Mom passed away 10 years ago, so no one in my family to celebrate it with now either. We arent big on holidays anyway.
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