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Windows 7

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I've had the Beta release of Windows 7 running in a lower end laptop for 3 days now. The laptop's specs are;

Even though I've had the 3 days off from work and have had it running most of that time, it still is a little early to call it I suppose...


I think Microsoft may finally have another winner on their hands I know that Vista is finally getting up to speed, but it took soooo long to do it.

Installing was painless, and accomplished fairly quickly. AVG already has an Antivirus that they upgraded to 7 back when it was in Alpha release. The updates required was only 33 mb, so it was from starting the install to full spend in about 48 minutes.

Anyone hoping to go back to an XP UI, no dice. It looks very much like Vista on the surface, but with much, much crisper graphics. But, it's completely solid, and uber fast with 2 Gb of RAM. I was downloading updates, installing Irfanview, and had my 7000+ file photo folder on external HDD AND web browser open all at once, with no noticeable decrease in speed. Out of the box (or off the net ) driver support is excellent, with even old XP programs running.

Linux and Mac had me getting away from Windows for some time now, but I can switch between one or the other. Windows 7 looks like it may just ensure that a Windows machine stays around here
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My husband also installed this on an extra machine and he described it as, "Vista looks but XP brains."
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Windows 7 public beta end date named
You've got just over two weeks to download the Windows 7 beta from Microsoft, as Redmond starts winding-down the public testing process.
The Windows 7 team has blogged that you have until February 10 to start the process of downloading Windows 7. Testers who have started, but not completed, the download process on that date will have until February 12 to finish the process - a testament to the fact that Microsoft's download infrastructure has struggled to keep up with demand.
Microsoft will continue to make Windows 7 beta product keys available after the February 12 date, it said.
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I'm looking forward to 7 get its final release, I hope it genuinley is going to be better than Vista.
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