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I made a mistake

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Well here's my story if anyone wants to read it. My boyfriend found a 3 month old kitten in the front steps to a gas station and he's a big sucker for animals so he picked him up and took him to the vet right away and decided to keep him. During the check up poor thing had a small fever, watery sticky eyes and mites in the ear. Right away the vet put some ear drops to kill those mites and eggs and he prescribed two meds for snowball.

He prescribed Clavamax as an antibiotic and an ointment for around his eyes. My boyfriend and I were already late to work so we told his mom the instructions for the medicines. Now feel free to call me a stupid person or a moron because I sure do deserve this. The Clavamax is an oral supplement that smells like banana but has a dropper so when I called during my break, his mother told me that she had already applied the medicine with the dropper into his eyes. Sometime while we were giving directions, she prob got confused.

I let her know that she was supposed to feed that into the mouth. I told her to get a damp towel to wipe his eyes and she did. What I want to know if her doing that is going to affect the kittens eyes? She told me when she put the drops, he was fine and he just licked himself and has been eating. I'm home from work already and called my boyfriend and he said he's fine too. I'm really hoping his fine and when we wake up later on today, we're going to call the vet just in case but we just wanted some feedback on here. More like reassurance. Thank you for listening.
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It should be ok.
I have got clavamox in my cats eyes before.
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well, if he didn't act like it was painful... i really don't know.

sometimes vets & docs aren't real clear on their instructions [i know that's not the case, here].

when i was around 12 years old, a doctor prescribed some drops for me to help w/congestion. directions just said something like '2 drops twice a day'. well, of course, we thought they went into the nose, right? burned like fire! i refused to let my mother administer them again, so she called the doctor.
the nurse said they were supposed to be mixed w/water & drunk... she said they would burn horribly on the mucous membranes. yeah, what she said! my mom felt terribly guilty over that...

hopefully your vet will get back with you really quickly. i did post the question about accidently getting it in a cat's eyes on 1800petmeds, but their turnaround time is around 72 hours. hopefully you'll know something before that!
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Thank you both very much for your answers and for the extra help on posting that on I mixed it with water before going to work and she mentioned that there was no reaction whatsoever when they fell into his eyes so I'm praying here. I'm wanting it to be morning already so I can find out! I'll keep ya updated.
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Is he easy to give the clavamox to?
I just got the paper that came with Meekos clavamox.
I am going to see what it says onit.
I need glasses to raed it
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It dosent say what to do if it gets in a cats eyes.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
It dosent say what to do if it gets in a cats eyes.
none of the research i saw said anything about it, either. i would think if it was a major issue, it'd be listed. after all, if it's a liquid [i personally prefer pills!] some could easily get in the eyes or nose if the cat is fighting you during medication.
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I like the liquid better because its easier to give my cats.
Meeko made me spill clavamox tonight on her.
I would never get a pill down her.
I looked on the bottle and it just says keep in fridge and out of reach of children.
Nothing about eyes.
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