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The weather surely cooled off today...I knew it was going to be cooler, but not this cool..we slept with the windows open last night and we woke up freezing this morning..It is only 54 degrees here and the high is only suppose to be 70 today...It's nice though....
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Its cold and windy and wet here today. We had a tornado warning last nite, The city sirens went off. It was short lived though and there was no damage. Phew!
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I'm in the Chicago burbs, and the sirens went off by me last night, too. My husband, my parents and I were watching a movie, when we had to turn down the volume to determine if the noise we heard was part of the background music or sirens. Of course, we got rather panicky when we realized we could still hear the wailing sound when the t.v. was muted. Luckily, all was short-lived, and nothing happened.

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It's 72 here, but the humidity is over 80%, it is sticky as heck! We're supposed to get thunderstorms, and it sure looks like they're up there somewhere, the sky is grey and very forbidding. I'd rather chilly than sticky.
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The weather where I live is very similiar to binkyhoo's weather. I'm in southeastern Minnesota, about 20 miles from Wisconsin. The past several weeks here have been wet and windy. Yesterday it started raining AGAIN about 1 p.m. and turned into a heavy downpour during the evening. It FINALLY stopped raining about noon today. We have had flash flood warnings, but so far this year, no tornado warnings.

Mom of 10 Cats, I seem to be just the opposite of you and a lot of other people. I can tolerate heat and humidity but chilly damp weather bothers me a lot. I'd rather be warm than be cool.
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I have low blood pressure and the cold REALLY bothers me. Even when everyone around me is sweating I am piling on blankets. I HAVE to live in CA as it is the only weather I can tolorate. I did live in FLA. for awhile but the cockroached chased me away! LOL
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In my part of the world its SO darn hot!!
Its been in the high-80th for a few days now!

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