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*Sniff, Sniff* My baby is getting big!

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At 9:45pm on 1/20/99, almost exactly 10 years ago, my water broke with our only child. His birthday is tomorrow at 4:11pm. I'm so sad that he is no longer a baby anymore, especially since we haven't been able to have any more children. I want him to stay little forever, but I know he won't. He's already so mature and far from little.

Happy Birthday Greyson Michael!!

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Congrats! he's a handsome young man!
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They grow up too fast. He is handsome boy. Happy Birthday
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Happy birthday Greyson!
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He is so handsome!! He will always be your baby! Happy birthday!!!!
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Quite a handsome boy you have got there! Happy Birthday
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Happpppy Biiiiiirthday!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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He is SO adorable Great pics Happy Birthday
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Great pics. He's a handsome fellow.

I know how you feel, my babies are turning 13 and 9 this year I always wanted a third, but it was not meant to be
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He is a very handsome boy!! And I love his name "baby" will be 5 next month And my oldest will be 15
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Thanks everyone!! He had a great birthday! We wanted to get him a new bike b/c he has outgrown his old one, but we weren't sure which one he would want. Last night we took him to Target with him thinking we were just going to get a cake. We walked past the bike section and looked at them to get an idea of what he liked (we went earlier during the day to look, just my husband and I), and then went to get a cake. When we were almost to the register hubby said "Oh yeah I forgot. We're getting you a bike for your birthday, go pick one out!" OMG Greyson freaked out!! LOL It was so funny!

After that we met my brother and sister in law and their two kids at a pizza place to have dinner and play video games. My niece was being a complete brat (she will be 4 in 6 weeks) and it pretty much ruined the evening, but we still had a fairly good night. After we were done eating we went to my inlaws' house so they could give Greyson their gift. They got him WiiMusic, which he wanted. He was so excited!

Now we go out to eat with my parents on Sunday and he'll get a ton of gifts from them. LOL This kid is so spoiled! LOL
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