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We have a three year old male Halsey who thinks our two year old tortie is the cat's meow. Unfortunately, Teresa, the tortie, thinks he has cooties. She literally screams if he enters her room.

That's right, her room. We have a two bedroom house and Teresa is on one bedroom. She is there by herself for the most part. She eats dinner with her brother and sometimes, he spends the night. One of our other cats, Gracie can come in sometimes, depending on Teresa's mood. Halsey has taken to waiting at the door for a glimpse of his true love but if she sees him, she shrieks like a teenager.

This started because she was 5 pounds when she came inside and he was 14 pounds and I was afraid he'd inadvertantly hurt her. That was 18 months ago.

The problem is that her room is strating to smell and I have to give it a thorough cleaning. Do you think it is too late to re-introduce them (maybe using the screen door method? Or is it just too late? There is no other room we can use to confine her, even for a few days.
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In my experiences it isn't too late to introduce them again. I have done many introductions over the years. I have 9 cats, all different ages. I always had very good luck with a gate (screen door method). I also would sit on the floor with a stick attached to a string with a rubber spider on it and swing it back and forth. They are so busy watching it and taking turns hitting it they get use to being near each other. This worked for me, hopefully it can work for you too. Feliway Diffusers can also help. It can calm them down. Good luck. Keep us updated.
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I've also used the screen door method many times and always have diffusers on. My two main "combatants", Lucy and Moose are too competitive to play together and get too wound up. I feed and give them treats together and that seems to work. Good luck!
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Thanks for your suggestions.

We've used Feliway with little to no success but I may try it again. I am definitely going to get a screen door.
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