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Bengals and Persians??

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Hey there i'm an owner of waaay to many persians Gotta love those furballs, once you start you just can't stop!

But i absolutely am falling in love with Bengals!!! yes i know it's a bit of a jump, guess having persians all my life i miss the "wild" look

Anyways thinking of maybe, possibly, hopefully etc getting one.
Thing is would love to know more bout their personalities? i know they're playful and all, but do you think the'd get on with my persians?

Also live in a large apartment, which is fine for the persians as they're so laid back as it is, but will it be ok for a bengal? or do they really need an outdoor run?

As i say, i'm still in early stages of thinking bout it but any input will be great

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I'm going to move this to the Breeder's Forum since they will have much more knowledge about the specifics of the two breeds. I know we have breeders of both Persians and Bengals, so they should be able to help you out.
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A Bengal would be just fine in an apartment. As for the Persians and Bengals together not to sure. I have only seen them in pictures. I have not ever been around a Persian. Bengals are very, very, very playful so if the Persian could not get used to this type of behavior then you may have a problem. Maybe if both were kittens at the same time????????

Sorry I could not be of more help.
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Thanks Bengal Cat for that

Thing is i know my persians are very laid back, and i know they wouldn't object to anything Heck it's hard enough trying to get them to actually do anything, they really are extreme lounge lizards

I do have 2 kittens at the moment, it's actually quite hard to get them to play, but once they do, they play hard!!!

I guess i miss having a really playful cat huh?

Anyone who knows of somone who successfully keeps bengals and persians or something similar please let me know

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I'm a breeder of Persians and I find them to be extremely LAID BACK , docile , "dopey" , loveable cats and I'm friends with people that breed Bengals AND Birmans and they get on good together , Bengals though are totally different than Persians , Bouncey jumpy things , I think they should be fine together, our dogs and cats get on together and they have total different natures right...
I hope you find a solution , Good Luck
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I can't say I'm an expert on all bengal personalities, but I can tell you a bit about mine. He's about ten months old now.
On the drive home Toby meowed the *entire* hour and half. When we introduced him to my domestic shorthair Sifto he was a 12 week old ball of attitude. Not agression per se, but fear of new surrounding and a big mean looking kitty. Toby would do this little sideways dance with his back arched making little big man noises. Sifto is a very loving, laidback cat but what you could call an alpha male. Toby has from day one been trying to "take the crown" as it were by overthrowing the King of the Apartment. It's all in good fun, but you can see that Toby is trying to assert himself. Problem is that he's about 2/3's the size and probably half the weight. Often, this will mean that Sifto will be sleeping somewhere, or just relaxing and Toby will come out of nowhere to bit him on the neck or pounce on his tail. To Sifto's irritation. In fact, Sifto's tail is Toby's favourite toy of all. He never tires of it. So although the two are very good friends Sifto is often annoyed with Toby much in the way that an older brother would be annoyed with a young male sibling tagging along at all times.
Toby is very vocal. He meows when he wants attention, when he doesn't want it. He meows to announce to the world that he's relieving himself. This can be very fun to play out little conversations. The emotions and attitudes he can convey in a series of meows is amazing and hilarious.
While being a very outgoing and loving cat, Toby doesn't not enjoy being held. He has the ability to get out of any hold you have on him very quickly. He's small but strong and fast. This proves difficult when I'm trimming his nails. Over time I have gotten him used to being held, but only tolerates one position. He will not be held in a lying position. My other cat can be flopped about like a rag doll, over the shoulder, upside down, he's fine with it.
I let Toby choose his moments to come to me. When he does he's purring loudly and walking about paw hugging the ground so that he's doing a little dance. Like he can't contain himself. He will flop around and knead and then jump up suddenly. Then finally curl up and await pettings. Pettings are almost like something that's so good he can barely handle it. He'll get up and jog away. Then he'll turn and look at me and come running back. I think this may have something to do with the Asian Leopard Cat in him. He will sleep on my lap for hours at a time.
Of course everyone has told you that bengals love to play, because this is what they do best. Depending on his mood Toby will play fetch. I think usually when he grows tired of seeing a mouse lie inert on the ground. Seeing it fly randomly through the air amuses him. He has a stuffed animal he takes his agressions out on and a hollow rubber ball which is his favourite. He plays soccer with it all day.
Bengals also love water. He wont actually get in to the shower, but he needs to be near it. He watches me have a shower daily from his seat on the toilet. Which by the way the toilet lid needs to be down at all times to prevent him from going inside for a drink.
So how a Persian and a Bengal would get along... I guess it would depend on individual personalities. The bengal will be fine with it, that's for sure. As for the persian, they may get a bit irritable from time to time. Overall they will probably get along just fine, but your persians will probably wish sometimes they could finish their nap just once.
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What your persians can expect while taking a nap:

But then a little of this too:

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Thank you so much for your message, your cats (both of them) are absolutely gorgeous!!!
One of my persians, 2 and a half yrs old is really laid back and easy going, the kittens frequently play with her face and tail and she doesn't mind, infact she frequently cleans the kittens faces!
The two babies are still very kittenish and and play rough and tumble with each other when they're in the mood. They do however sleep ALOT!
I really do miss having a playful cat, as i was saying earlier it can take so much effort from me to get them to play violently!!! But i gotta give it to the persians, they are excellent at giving affection!!!
I still don't know bout the bengal, i would love one, but am worried it could go badly. Guess i'd have to be really careful about introductions.

Thanks again Lynx, your cats are truly beautiful
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They say a nine year old cat is only awake for three years. Maybe in your kitties case it's only 2 years!
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Thanks for the stories and great pic!
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