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RIP Babies

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I got a phone call tonight telling me that one of my ex foster kittens has died - this is the second one this year, I hope it isn't a sign of the way the year is going to be.

The first one was one of last years kittens, we got his sex mixed up, so I can't remember what they ended up calling him. He was sadly run over on New Year's Day - his mum was sadly run over last year, about a month after she went back to her owners. The irony is that the lady lives in a park with a massive back garden, and he went the opposite way that day - he was 9 months old.

The second one was the last of the year before's kittens, she was the only one of the litter to survive, her brothers became ill when I went on holiday. She sadly went at the vets while they were doing what they could to save her - they suspect a cardiac problem which she could have had from birth. She was a gorgeous kitten, and her owner had only sent me pics at Christmas to show me how she had changed, she would have been 18 months old. Am afraid to say i cried down the phone at her poor owner, especially when she thanked me for letting her have her, I just wish she could have had longer with her.

Both have said that in time, they will come back to me for another cat, as did the people who lost a cat they adopted from me last year, so at least another cat will be able to get the love that they had.

RIP little ones, taken so young.
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I'm sorry about the kittens.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
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I`m so sorry to hear that. It`s so unfair when they are taken so young

Rest In Peace babies

That is great that they will come to you for their next cats when they are ready
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I am so sorry that their young lives were cut short much too soon. Bless you for giving them the chance to know what it was to enjoy a loving family, safe homes with shelter, food, medical care & toys before they went. Condolences to you all
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