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nose 2 nose

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Do any of your cats/kittens run up to you and shove their noses into your nose. I think he thinks he's an eskimo or something. He does this all the time. A minute ago I was sitting here reading the forum about "spaying" and he was sitting on my shoulder like a little parot. I have the strangest kitty cat. I also have a question along with the spaying thing. My kitty Day-Z needs to be spayed. Sox has already been spayed but she still acts like she is in heat. Now, I'll have my kittens spayed, but should I neuter Smeagol as well, even though all my females are taken care of and they are inside cats?
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Yep, Socks does the nose-to-nose thing. Sometimes she actually licks my nose!

Good for you for deciding to get your two girls spayed. Yes, you should definitely get Smeagol neutered, as well. If you don't, he might spray in your house and he will try to get out to mate with female cats outside, and then you could have a few kittens on your hands. All in all, spaying and neutering every cat is the best way to go about it.

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A few months ago I found 4 brother and sister cats. I believe they were born in my friends apartment. She didn't want the males because they would spray. So I took the 2 males in and tried to stop them from spraying. Smeagol would look at those 2 male cats like they were crazy. Well, the gray and white one stopped spraying. Tiger, the huge orange and white never stopped and he got booted back out of my house and to the next door neighbor. I believe that is why those cats were kicked out in the first place. I know Tiger is around here somewhere trying to find a female. I haven't seen him in a long time otherwise I would take him to go get him fixed.

Smeagol walks around with his tongue out so he always licks everything/ everyone. heeh
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It is always a good idea to get all your cats spayed and neutered. During kitten season all the shelters and the rescue facilities fill up quickly, so why add to the burden? Even if you know you have found homes for all the cute kittens, how are you to know that who you have picked will be responsible pet owners and spay or neuter the kitten? Better not to add to the problem you will find this board is a heavy advocate for spay and neuter, unless you are a licensed breeder.
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Ya, I know about all the kittens at the shelter, that is where these 3 are from. I had gotten another(Day-Z's brother) from the shelter, but he was to far sick to be taken care of. I work our animal shelter for part time. I HATE how I try so hard to make it a clean place for animals but no matter what I do, it's always so nasty and dirty. I feel so bad for the animals. There just isn't enough money going in to this shelter. I was thinking about taking donations and investing a little more into it. What do yall think?
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