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I have an announcement to make!

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The chocolate cream in those new Oreos tastes just like the white cream in the original Oreos. Just thought you all should know that
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teehee hehe :clown:
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I have been wondering about those new oreos. I haven't worked up the courage to try them. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll give the matter serious thought.

Idea for a new smilie: An oreo that untwists itself to reveal the filling....
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Ya ruined it for me...there go my plans for the week-end!:laughing: :laughing2 :LOL: :laughing2 :laughing:

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:laughing: I've had them and I concur with Illision. you can't taste the difference.
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They came......I saw........I ate them!

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I am rolling on the floor laughing!

While we're at it, Edy's new Twix ice cream is just like Baskin Robbins Gold Medal Ribbon. Yum!
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Well I saw them advertized and I hunted them down! They were good but there was not much of a difference! Still good, love those oreos but I only eat them once in a blue moon!
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Blue moons happen at my house about every week or so!
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Obviously I have been sick and in bed and sheltered from the important happenings of the world - what new oreos?
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I'm so glad Lyme hasn't relieved you of your sense of humor! You are a real trooper to be keeping up with the site in spite of everything.
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Hope you are feeling better.
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You know what, I HATE Oreos too. I just thought the chocolate cream would be good. I was so disappointed when I tasted them. I should have called the customer service number and complained. Maybe I can complain at the website.
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Do you remember the "new" Coca-Cola, which came out about 20 years ago? It was a huge flop. So, be kind to the "new" Oreos! Their time on Earth may be limited, one way or another.

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Mr. Cat:

Everytime somebody brings up "new" Coke, it reminds me of an old Bloom County comic strip on that subject. It was the Sunday strip with that blonde kid with the tall hair babbling on about the wonderful consistency and sameness of the universe, about all the things you could wake up each day and count on to be there. Then in the final frame is Opus with a can of soda saying, "Yech, this Coke tastes different."

It was the funniest thing I ever read.
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