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I wasn't going to write on this thread about the love of my life but reading others stories I think it would be a nice tribute to a devoted cat.
I decided to get a rescue cat the min I moved out of home for the first time. I picked Diesel because he was a big black cat with the loudest purr ever. He was also really friendly and decided he liked me.
He was there when I moved away from the area my family lived in, he was there when I was happy and when I was sad. He was amazing. If I went to a friends I could take him with me, even let him out and he would come straight back. He would follow me to the chinese down the road and wait on the mat until I came out and he would walk me home.
One night he didnt come in and I knew something was wrong. 48hours later we found him in a real state. The vet thinks he had been attacked (we think by some local teenagers) as his jaw was broken at the side where it hinges which is extremely rare. He also had an injury to his hind legs and had had to drag himself home to me. I went through hell not knowing if we could get him through this. After a week the specialist decided to tape his jaw up and staple it to his head. He spent most of the next 9 weeks in a cage in my bedroom and I had to hand feed him mushed up kitten food. We didn't know if this would work but luckily after 9 weeks we took it off and it had been a success. His jaw was weak but it did work.
He lived a long happily life after that and we had such a strong bond getting through that painful time together. He had dragged himself home to me and I hadn't given up on him.
The end came when I took him to the vets with general signs of ill health. The vet called and told me that he had cancer of the Liver. He said it was really bad and I needed to have him put down that same day. I am eternally greatful that he let me take Diesel home for a few hours to say goodbye. It's weird but no matter how long you have spent together it is never enough when the time comes to say goodbye.
Eventually I did take him back in and as he already had a cannula in his arm he felt no pain from a needle. It turned out that he had been ill for a while but had shown no signs of it. I felt guilty for a very long time but I have to draw comfort that I was not selfish at the end and said goodbye when I knew he had had enough.
This was over a year and a half ago but the pain is still as raw as it was the day he died. He was privately cremated and it is the best thing I ever did. He is in a wooden cat curled up asleep. It is nice to know he near.
He was my best friend and I miss him dearly. I hope he knows how much he was loved and how much he still is. Rest in peace my sweetheart
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I`m so sorry you lost such a special cat He sounded amazing the way you described him

Cherish the happy memories.

Rest In Peace Diesel
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Best Friend. Rest in Peace Diesel.
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What a beautiful tribute to Diesel! I really love the name & the "why" of it - now he's purring up a storm for the angels
Bless you for not giving up on him when he was in such bad shape It is very encouraging to read that cats can be brought back from the brink and will heal and go on to lead happy lives
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That was really beautiful. The chills that ran up my back and down my arms were quite intense while I read your tribute. Thank you so much for sharing! What an amazing cat he was!

I had my cat individually cremated and I have a small amount of ashes in a cylinder pendant. I plan to sprinkle the rest of them in the park near my house where I go hiking and riding every summer.

A friend recently stopped me and told me not to wait too long to get a new cat b/c they are a gift and our ability to love them is a beautiful thing.

I'm sure our cats are chasing eachother at Rainbow Bridge! Hang in there.
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I'm so sorry. What an awful time he had At least knew he was loved

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RIP Diesel
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I am so sorry. I know how bittersweet it is to remember a departed animal friend. I consentrate on the good, the silly and special memories I have of that friend. That helps me see it as more sweet than bitter.

Diesel was a very special cat and you are a very special person for caring for him when others might have given up.
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