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question about cats seasons

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Forgive my ignorance but I can't seem to find the info I want on the net.
I was hoping to breed (just once) from my female tortie. There is lots of info on the lower age cats can come into season but not really the upper age.
I have had her since she was 7 weeks old and she is now 14 months old. She has shown no signs of coming into season. Could this mean that she may never come into season?
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Why you want to breed her?
She might behaving silent heats.
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I have decided I want her and my male cat to have on litter togeter before I get them both fixed. They are both stunning cats with amazing personality's. I do have friends and family who would like to have kittens from the two of them.
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Sorry I'm not sure how to help you there. All cats that I've seen in heat...well lets just say it's pretty obvious! LOL! Kittens are lots of fun so good luck to you and hopefully she'll go into heat soon for you.
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Please read the TCS forum rules found here

2. Please make sure to spay and neuter your cat. Unless you are a professional breeder and your cat is part of a professional breeding program, please educate yourself to the importance of spaying and neutering by the time your cat is 4-6 months old. By spaying and neutering you enhance your cat's quality of life and improve his or her health. You are also proving your love for cats because in acting as a responsible pet owner you are minimizing the problem of cat overpopulation.
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Please read about "just one litter"

Please spay and neuter your cats. Their kittens may not end up wandering the streets or killed in the pound, but their kitten's kittens will, and so on..
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Unless they are purebred registered cats and are shown, they should not be bred.

Stunning, pretty, great personalities are no reason to breed. Males will spray when mature and its next to impossible to get out tom cat urine on things.

Also, your female may have something internally wrong that is preventing her from coming in heat. Cats don't have to be "in heat" to breed. I know a case where the female (feral) rarely had heat cycles. She could not be caught even tho she was an inside cat - so she remained unspayed. She died young (9 yrs old) and when she was opened up, they found that her reproductive organs were backwards and messed up. Had she managed to get pregnant she would have died trying to give birth.

Some cats when kept together all the time, refuse to mate. So its really best that you forget about breeding either one of them and take them in now to be neutered and spayed.
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There are thousands of amazing cats/kittens with fantastic purr-sonalities in shelters - and killed at rapid rates. We just euthanized 5 cats with fantastic personalities at the shelter here, as there aren't enough homes.
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