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Just some random thoughts..

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Well after allmost a year of being gone from this lovely web forum I'm back. I had time to look over that year and remember everything I have went though. My furkids are older and more vocal then ever and still giveing me lot's of comfort. I still dearly miss both of my family members who have passed away suddenly. I have helped my Husband and myself though some crazy money issues includeing our old car blowing another engine. And my most exciteing thing.. I started college and doing rather well, keeping my grades over a 3.0 sure is hard though.

All I have left is to figure out what I want to do with said college.. I have no idea what to do for a job. It's getting close for me to decide on a major and *shrugs* nothing is calling to me.

I did manage to solve my going outside of the box issues (nope not a uti) I got a high sided pan.. and it worked. So no more scrubbing the floors everyday for me, and the boys don't seem to be minding it.

So with all that said.. it sure is nice to be back.
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welcome back!
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Hey, welcome back! Ive not been a member for long. This place is great isn't it!
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Hi there! And welcome back to TCS
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Welcome Back
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Glad to have you back!
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