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Molly's Spay app't

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Well I have to get my Molly the Dolly spayed ...her app't is for the 29th ....I am nervous because I've had a few females not do so good after being spayed....I've had some do fine....through the years....the last female I had spayed was 8 yrs ago.....didn't do so well....she got sick afterwards.....didn't wanna eat/drink for days...she had to go back in for fluids and an antibotic injection....took her about a week to feel herself.....

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Many Prayers and that your two little girls will be fine.
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Read my post about Meeko.
It will help you.
I was scared yesterday because Meeko got pyro because the old vet left her uterus in when she was fixed at age 2.
She is now 8.5.
I was scared also because my Lucy acted real bad bad after and had to go back to the vet.
Meeko came home at 5 yesterday.
She has pain meds.
They also pulled a tooth.
Meeko is fine except for the pain.
Your cat will be ok.
She took off th bandages from the iv herself and the e collar.
She took that off at the vets before we even left.
Make sure cat dosent jump after.
Meeko jumped off the table at the vets.
How old is Molly?
My Cleo was fixed last Nov before I got her and the breeder told me she was fine when they got home.
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aww, Molly is gorgeous.

I hope the appt. goes well, and can understand why you are a little nervous.

for a good appt, and that Molly feels well afterwards.
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Molly is almost 6 months old....I got her from the vets when she was little over 3 months old...they do some kinda testing b4 to make sure she is healthy enough for surgery....she kinda told me what they do but it was noise and busy in my house at the times I can't recall what she said.....I think thats a good idea...they didn't really say anything to me about that the last time I had a cat spayed...they didn't do any testing plan is to confine her to my bedroom for maybe 24 hrs.....she is super hyper...and if she thinks she feels well..there will be no stoppin her
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Mine always get the blood tests first.
Meeko has pain today but does jump and plays.
I have to stop her.
I took pictures of her if you want to see.
You know it can be done lapo and its 65% less pain.
My vet was going to do that with Meeko but she had pyro so she couldnt.
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Sure I'd like to see pics of her.....I just tend to get alittle freaked out when anything happens to my animals...
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Ok I will upload them soon.
I know how you are feeling.
I felt that way since last weds when we set the surgery up.
What time do you drop your cat off at?
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I just took these pics of Meeko.
She does not feel well right now.
The first one is where her neck was shaved.
The next is where the iv was in her paw.

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I have to drop her off at 7:50 am on the 29th...and I think pick her up after 3.....I had my female chi done recently...she went in for 11 and they called me to get her at 2......I felt nervous having her here so soon after surgery...but if you know anything about chi's they hate to be away from their ppl....and she is very scared at the vets....She has spent way way to much time there this past summer with her broken she was better off at home ...they said
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Are you talking about a chinchilia?
If you are my sister has one and her name is Chinchi.
Meeko is still in pain today.
Are you have it done at the vet or somewhere else?
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No I mean little 4 pounder...and Molly is being done at the vets...
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My sister has one og those also.
Her name is Chiquita.
Iam glad you are using the vets.
I only use the vets.
I do not know what time Meeko had surgery but the vet called around 2:30 and said she could come home after 5.
Did they say how long she wil stay?
Meeko still dosent feel very well.
Have you talked to the vet about pain meds?
I would not use metacam oral.
I know alot of people that had cats die from it.
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All they said was I could come get her after 3....there are no other places around here to take sick animals ...other than the vets ...And I've had medacam for my cats/dogs for alot of things....never had a problem....Other than coming on here..I wouldn't have known it could cause problems....I don't know what kinda pain relief they are going to give her ...
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It is safe for dogs.
I hope every thing goes well monday.
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What other kinda meds could I ask for instead ?
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Meeko got Buprenex.
All my cats get that for pain.
They can have a Metacam shot once.
Coco had it in Nov 2007.
My vet does not give oral Metacam at all.
She has crf now.
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Well....I will ask on Thursday what other pain relief they offer...
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Tomorrow at 7:50 am I have to take Molly for her spay.....I hate this feeling.....I will be worried right up until I get the call its all over....I still have today to get thru...tomorrow I will be ever worse...I get myself so so worked up over my animals...My b/f tells me I like to worry...I really don't ....I wish I could just relax and be calm like him....but I guess thats not who I am....
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Calming for you.

I hope Molly is in and outta there faster than you can worry
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Thanks I sure need calming vibes
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Feel better.
I felt that way last week about Meeko and she is ok now.
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