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curly whiskers?

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I've tried searching for info on this, but bizarrely, can't find anything. Is it normal for long-haired cats to have curly whiskers? We have a long-haired orange tabby boy with whiskers that are lopsided and very kinky. They also seem to break pretty easily.

Could be totally normal. We're just fairly new to cats.
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i dont know but my himmie has curly wiskers too!
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I guess it can't be that uncommon then! Is yours a purebred himmie? Ours is just a moggie.
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Many LH cats have curly whiskers, especially ones that have/are Persian lines in them!
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mines a purebred
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Thanks for the info, Abymummy! We've been curious for a while now. I wonder what our poor guy's background is (I don't think he had a happy life before us). He doesn't seem to have the build or face of a persian, but who knows!
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Its not common, but I'm sure it happens. Rexes do have short curly whiskers. Sometimes if the whisker is damaged or singed/burned it may curl.

The myth that cats measure things with whiskers has to untrue as rexes don't have enough whiskers to measure any space!
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My oldest DSH Rocky, has whiskers that are only curly on the very ends.
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