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No, I grew up in New Jersey. I moved to Massachusetts to attend college....18 years later, I'm still here (in Mass., not in college ) I've now lived here almost half my life.
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No way, no how. I grew up in Gary, IN and am so glad I'm not living there anymore. I visit family there, but would never live there again.
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Nope, and I'm glad I don't I've moved around alot....well not that much but born in Etobicoke, lived in Toronto as a child, London as a child, small town X, slightly bigger town Y, back to London as a young teen, back to town Y, and now am in town Z where I plan on staying unless we get hubby's parents farm and then we'd move there.

I've lived in big city, and small town. Where I am now is about in the middle. Not a big city, but not a small town either. We have everything we need here except a Home Depot. But the closest one is bout 40mins away, so not bad.

We're happy here, and not far away from family
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I do and have for over 54 years - Wheaton, IL.
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Well, I was born in Cleveland proper but moved to the suburbs when I was a baby, and we moved from that burb to another burb a little further south between 1st and second grade and then I moved a little further south about 8.5 years ago. I still live 20 minutes from my parents and will probably always live in NE Ohio. I am a Buckeye!
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No way,
I was born in London, lived there for six years, moved to Italy, lived there for four years, moved to Australia lived there for 5 and a half years, then moved to Germany and spend 7 years there, now i'm back in Australia and have been for the last 4 months, and my parents live in Italy back in their old house.

One fact is you can never go back and live in your old house, its creepy and everything has changed.. i kind of find it hard to adjust in this area
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Kind of. I lived in one town until I was 10. then moved to the city. Right now I live right between them. It is about 45 minutes one way direction or the other . My mom and both of my sisters were born here.
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I was born in Connecticut, but raised in Queens, NY all of my life. Now I'm 200+ miles away, but still in NY State. I had a brief stint living in Florida, but I came back 2 years ago.

There are times I'd like to visit where I grew up, but I really wouldn't want to live there anymore.
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Nope. We moved every year or two when I was growing up, so I don't really HAVE a hometown.
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Sort of. I was born in Salt Lake, grew up in Bountiful and now live South of Salt Lake, all of which is about a 20-25 mile radius. We have never lived out of Utah though. So far all of our kids and grandkids live close by, thank goodness
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I live about 7,700 miles/11,000 km from my hometown

We'll be back there eventually though
Which state are you from? I've only been to two states so far NSW and Vic but I really need to go to Brissy!
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Pretty much. I was born/raised in Memphis, TN and I now live in Bartlett,'s literally just up the street from Memphis. It's all still in the same county too.
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Nope. Born in Manchester, Connecticut. Moved to Rutland, Massachusetts when I was in 7th grade. Went to college in Rutland, Vermont, and now live in Concord, New Hampshire. Out of them all, I like New Hampshire and Vermont the best. I would love to move back to Vermont one day, but my fiance, who grew up in Vermont, doesn't want to.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
Nope. We moved every year or two when I was growing up, so I don't really HAVE a hometown.
I feel the same. I have "home people" instead
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I had to move where the job was--common place with the academic life. I am currently about a six hour drive from my family. I would like to live within 3 to 4 hours of them (or even close I suppose.) I kind of wish my first job had taken me to a totaly different part of the country instead of just one state south of where I grew up.

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I live during my whole life in the same Island!...
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I now live in a different hemisphere!

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and 3 years ago I emigrated to the United Kingdom
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Born and raised in greater Phoenix area of Arizona ... Left at 17 and last visited at 18 ... I think I am 1100 miles away ... before landing here I was in Nebraska and Colorado
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No I do not live where I grew up, however, most of my extended family still does. I originally moved for college.
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By hometown, I will shorten the list and assume it is, where I grew for the longest period of time.

I grew up in Hooksett, NH and have since lived at:

- Wichita, KS
- San Antonio, TX
- Biloxi, MS
- Anchorage, AK
- Wichita, KS
- Washington, D.C
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I was born in Hopatcong, New Jersey and lived there for the first 17 years of my life.

When I was 17½ or so, my parents moved to Kannapolis, North Carolina and I didn't have too much of a say in the matter. I had always planned on going back to New Jersey when I graduated the next year, but I ended up meeting Rob ~4 months before graduating and ended up moving in with him in South Carolina.

I'd give anything to move back to New Jersey and back to my hometown. It was so beautiful there Unfortunately he's not as open about moving elsewhere as I am.
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I live about 10 minutes from the area where I was raised. I had to go all the way out to Montana and back to West Virginia to learn there truly is NO place like home!

Oddly enough, 3 generations of my family live on the same street
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Yes. I claim Knoxville as my hometown. We moved here when I was 7 and I stayed until I graduated high school. Then I spent 12 years away for school / the military / jobs in New York, Georgia, Texas, and Virginia. I moved back to Knoxville in 2003 and have been here ever since. I started on my Masters degree in 2005, so I'm fortunate that we not only have a place I can go back to school (UT), but several places I can (hopefully) get a job after I graduate.
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