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What would make your car better?

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If you could think of two or three things to make your car into the ideal car, what would they be? I am not talking about replacing your car, just a few things you wish the manufacturer would have thought of to make your car perfect...

I have a 05 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport SE. The additions I would like to see are:

1. Paddle shifters
2. Telescopic steering wheel (If I have the seat far enough back to be comfy, I can't reach the steering wheel.)
3. Heated seat
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Oh I have a 2006 Scion tC and what would make my car better is

turbo kit

finished suspension

flat screen lcd display and peripheral speakers

I would DIE to have a turbo kit!
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Well the truck I usually drive didn't come with adjustable seats just the manual lever so that would be nice.

Also the elctric brake controller while nice when I'm pulling the trailer really is in the wrong spot and I keep smacking my knee on it!
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I drive a Toyota Prius and while I like most of the features I would really like to have an accurate gas gauge. Mine has 10 "bars" and the mileage I get per bar varies anywhere from 10 miles to 180 miles. That is to say, the first bar may give me only 10 miles or as much as 180 miles, the second bar gives me between 10 miles and 80 miles, etc. Never the same two times in a row. I have to use the trip meter to determine when it's time fill up.
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2007 Dodge Ram, 5.7L Hemi

I love my truck...
that said...

Fuel Economy needs improvement.

Make the headrests more adjustable. (if I wear a ponytail, I can't have the back of the seat as upright as I need it for my back injury, because the headrest hits my ponytail then my neck gets crinked)
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My 1992 Toyota Corolla FX GT would be better if if it came with cruise control!

Things I need to fix myself - a small dent that it came with when I bought it [6 months ago], the a/c needs to be regassed or degassed or something and my glovebox is broken
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Hmm.. leg room? And not have it so low to the ground that you can't get it on ramps, scape things you drive over, and have to practically roll out of the thing.

Something rather minor that really needs to be fixed - I need new sunvisor brackets!
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does it have to be something possible?

i'd like 2 things - bigger inside than out [i like my little car for parking, etc. but wish it had more room for cargo] & a self-cleaning option [where it could clean itself! ].
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~ XM Radio
~ sound system
~ different color leather (interior, it's brown & I HATE brown, so I'm thinking black/greyish...
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Hmm...I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan .....love it, and it gets @22 mpg, so can't complain about that ...BUT

I have a radiator leak ...AGAIN....I just had one put on in June
The front fan doesn't work, ergo, no heat/air/defroster
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I have a 2007 Ford Fusion, seat warmers and a remote start would make it better.
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I have a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox, and I would love an automatic starter and XM Radio
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I drive a 1997 Jimmy. I would like it to be just a little lower so it's easier to get in and out of.

Telescoping steering wheel would be good too. For the opposite reason of WELDRWOMN's.

I'm short and have short legs. In my decline they seem to be getting shorter. If I have the seat up to where it is the most comfortable I am hugging it.
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Heated seats and sunroof!
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I would love things that most people probably take for granted.

Air conditioning.
A good heater.
A radio that works all the time, not just half the time.

I love my car (a turquoise blue 1967 Mustang) but I think someday I"ll have to get something else. I've had her since 1977 and it's getting harder and harder for me to climb in and out of her. I can live without a working radio, but the heater and a.c. become bigger problems for me as I get older.
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I have an 04 Subaru Outback and it's got all sorts of heated stuff (awesome) including heated seats, heated mirrors, and the area under the wipers are heated. A heated steering wheel would be awesome though! New brakes would be nice..and new tires.
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I drive a 96 Civic. Here is what I would like to see.

1. Sparco Racing seats( I cannot get comfortable in the stock seats).
2. A supercharger
3. A working heater( It is due to the motor swap and the ECM that was put in it).

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I love my truck, but it drinks more than a drunk man on carnaval
The o nly thing I would change is the fuel economy! BIG TIME!
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What would make my car better is if it got fixed!!! The Vette has been in the shop for 3 weeks with a major short. It started with a bad ignition switch and has graduated to a burned up computer module. The ignition switch is what started it. Then they put in a questionable battery which they think is faulty, it started to smoke thus causing the ECM to burn up. I know this is going to cost us dearly.
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Fuel economy here as well...
Also: a CD Changer (since I'm downgrading and getting rid of my XM, for money reasons)
And remote starter.

Things I need to fix on my poor SUV: electrical (passenger windows only work from my controls... and no, the parental lock isn't engaged), and get the driver's door lock fixed... key won't work... key fob buttons will, but to use the key, I have to go to the passenger door (found this out when I bought it used... previous owner didn't hand over the fob with buttons... twit. I had to pay $50 to buy one... I should have taken his name down and hunted his stupid bee-hind down to get the thing back).

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After last week:


(I did ask about it while I was having my oil change last night, but that's $450 I don't have especially since taking a 15% pay cut at work)
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Originally Posted by CheshireCat View Post
I drive a 1997 Jimmy. I would like it to be just a little lower so it's easier to get in and out of.

Telescoping steering wheel would be good too. For the opposite reason of WELDRWOMN's.

I'm short and have short legs. In my decline they seem to be getting shorter. If I have the seat up to where it is the most comfortable I am hugging it.
Me too. I have to hug the steering wheel, otherwise I wouldn't be able to reach the peddles.
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Power locks, power windows, and that's about it!
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remote start, definitely! I always have my window open a crack, I get claustrophobic or something and the rain always runs in, so they could have designed that a little better and my car has a CD player, but sometimes it won't eject and I have to fight with it, but other than those things, my car fits my needs great!
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I can't really gripe too much about either of our vehicles. My big thing is that I wish that both of them had adjustable pedals - my legs are very short and I have to crank the seat all the way up to reach. My van it's not too bad, though I sit way too close to the steering wheel when I drive it; the car, well....I'm driving the car with my toes even with the seat all the way up.

Both of them could use engines that make far more horsepower. (the van makes 150, and the car makes somewhere between 115-120)

Paint, paint, paint. My van suffers from living in Florida sun all of its life, and the car....the car is half in primer.
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I can't complain much either. I have a Sentra that DH won in a raffle and he gave it to me. The best kind of car is a free one! And I LOVE it, too, so that makes it doubly awesome. If I could make a few changes, though, it would be:

A remote start and door opener
Heated seats, especially this month
A hybrid engine
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heated seats, leather seats, better gas mileage
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Two words: Warp Drive
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Well, being almost 20 years old there are a lot of things like the passenger window, fuel economy, the cruise control... And it could sit a little lower.
Originally Posted by Möbius View Post
Two words: Warp Drive
Oh, yeah! And phasers for those wreckless drivers out there.
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1. Not a Buick
2. CD player (old cassette player)
3. console shifter (the steering column shifter in this car stinks.)
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