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Which canned food would you recommend?

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Hello there evveryone

I feel like I let my babys down lately.... They used to have Felix, until i read this forum, about how bad it was, switched onto royal canin, and there furr, changed dramaticlly was shiney and softer, overall you could see improvment

but lately, Missy, has decided she wont eat it, i've tried many flavors even brands she sticks her nose up, she did always prefer cans though, so I've been mixing felix with royal canin lately, and their fur isnt as nice anymore they dont look as healthy.

I was looking at zooplus.co.uk, i've ordered from them previous, and noticed, a fair priced selection of canned food, i don't really understand the values and such of what it contains and which is better, and which is the worst, i was guessing by price, Catessy was the worst, but that says no artifical colours etc,

anyway enough rambling sorry!

heres links to each foods I have found within a nice price range,





thanks in advance
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I give Mogley my cat the Hills I've attached the link below and he loves it, I buy it from http://www.petplanet.co.uk

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I've tried hills, I got it from pets at home, and also hilife, they weren't good with it at all, Simba often turned is nose up, but thanks for posting it! its very thoughtful

but i'm hoping for some insight on the ones listed above, how good each one is like catessy etc i don't know anything about the protein and what it means by each content, so its time to call in the experts hehe!
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I personally buy Merrick from a store nearby, but I don't know what other types are good for my kitten (she's about 4.5 months old). I am also interested in seeing people's recommendations...
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