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Cello is a therapy cat!! officially!

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Cello is my very special siamese cat. He is very brave and likes to go on walks and bikerides, and recently I have been taking him on carrides to the pet food store. One day when I was there someone asked me to take him for a therapy pet assessment and I thought about it and applied, figured it couldn't hurt. I took him today with no expectations........... but he was PERFECT. We were in a room in the middle of a VERY busy SPCA...... the lady couldn't believe how good he was.... they passed him from person to person and he just layed down on each lap. He was unphased by everything going on, a little upset about the dogs that came in, but just kind of avoided them, which is fine in a therapy pet situation. He is the second cat that ever passed the assessment, and it is really exciting because a lot of the elderly and mentally ill are 'cat' people and respond much better to them then dogs.

So in a couple weeks we will begin! I am only taking him once a week since I can't take much time off work, but I am so excited........ I think more then once a week might be a bit much for him, but he was SUCH a star. I love this cat so so much

Just had to share
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OH, wow!! congrats!!

That is something I would LOVE to do sometime in the future - actually - to have a not-for-profit that trains cats and dogs for this purpose. My pipe dream!
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That's wonderful! Congratulations to Cello. I hope he enjoys this new activity.

The facility that my Dad was in the last three years of his life had cats on every floor, who basically had the run of the place and were wonderful company to the residents. They knew who needed them when.
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congratulations! He is a very special kitty and you have every right to be proud.
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thanks for the comments everybody, I now know what it feels like to be a proud mama.......

is that sad?
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Congratulations! That's really wonderful - I'm sure he'll be a great comfort to people who need a cat's special love & purrs. He sounds like a very special cat.

Good for you for taking the time for this!
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Congratulations! Thats so great

When my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa were in a nursing home, they had two cats that had the run of the place, everyone that lived there loved them! I loved walking in there seeing them all smiling with a kitty on their lap
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Congratulations to Cello and you What a blessing you will be for so many people in need
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All of this out of someone else's dumped shelter kitty!
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Awww, that is wonderful! I have always thought Cello looked like a great kitty! I'm glad other people will get to meet him, and you and Cello can help the sick and elderly feel better. That's great!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
All of this out of someone else's dumped shelter kitty!
although he I don't believe he had a bad life before he came to me, we've come a long way. When I got him the shelter people warned me about taking him in the car, that when he was brought he was just awful. Now I take him in the car all the time, he just curls up in the back seat. He does siamese protest at every corner and 'quick' stop though.
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Congratulations. I think both you and Cello are very special. I know Cello is going to help so many people. How cool is that.
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Congrats to Cello and his meowmy.
Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
thanks for the comments everybody, I now know what it feels like to be a proud mama.......

is that sad?
Not on this website.
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Congratulations! That is huge! I am intrested in doing animal assisted therapy as a counselor and to me it is always great to hear that cats are starting to be involved in animal assisted therapy!
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that is awesome!!!!!! Congratulations Cello and Meowmy!!!!
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Wow, that is awesome, congratulations.
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