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My dads cat is missing

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My dad called and said his cat is missing.
It sounded like he was crying.
He has not seen him in two days.
I told him not to let his cats outside its not safe.
It makes me so mad that people let their cats out.
I got amd at him and said I warned you but you never listen.
They have coyotes and everything there.
I grew up in that house.
I hope he turns up.
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Does the cat have a collar with tags or any thing? Did you tell your dad to call the local animal control and any other shelters around to see if 1) the cat has been picked up/dropped off 2) to describe the cat in case it comes in? I also recommend Lost Cat signs. I'm sure he's tried it, but leave call the cat, shake some food, and leave some food outside. I know other animals might come eat it, but it could draw the cat back. I hope his cat comes back.
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Thats horrible they never listen the cat does not belong outside.Hope he comes home. Has dad called the pound or checked just to make sure he was not taken in?
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His phone was cracking up so I never asked him.
I am sure he called the pound.
He will call later tonight.
I will tell him to put signs.
I have no idea if they have tags.
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Thats no good!!!
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You know his phone.
Always cracks up.
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I know that always happens.
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I wish he would have listened to me.
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He did not have a id tag.
He had a collar only.
I just gave my dad the phone number for the Spca in San Mateo.
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Many Prayers that he will find his way back home safely.
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You could check out this site: http://www.findtoto.com/
I'm not sure what it costs, but the network leaves a voicemail on the neighbors' phones. sometimes friendly cats are "found" by kids, whose parents also just assume the cat is a stray & they take it in.
A few years ago, Joey was outside with us on a supervised airing, & when DH was "watching" him, he managed to disappear. There were some kids hiking nearby and I assumed/hoped he'd followed them. Sure enough, after my ad aired on the radio, a car drove partway up our dirt road, stopped, and then backed away and drove off- a few minutes later, there appeared at the front door, a dirt-covered, tired, stressed Joey!! The people didn't even come to the door for the reward.
Needless to say, Joey has to be content with getting his airings in a large dog kennel attached to the house.
Sending major prayers and vibes that your father's cat comes home
Please try to be patient with your father - it is only very recent that the norm is to contain cats inside. He probably only wanted his kitty to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. He's going through agony right now - experience will be his teacher I only hope it's not too late for his cat
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He was going to the pound today.
He has not called me back yet.
Thanks for the site.
he has checked the neighbors and tried shaking food.
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Sorry you haven't found him yet.
But it is much too soon to give up hope...I have seen SO MANY miracles when TCS sends out the major prayers and vibes.
anyone here remember the Miracle of Teufel???
http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...teufel+missing (went missing)
http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...teufel+missing (was found alive!)
when Cedar was missing & then came back:
Those were some happy endings - sometimes we just need to remind ourselves to remain encouraged & keep the faith.

C'mon fellow TCSers, let's keep the vibes flowing! Susan
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i'm so sorry to hear this. I know it must be breaking your heart. I think id' just try to stay positive. At least he knows the house, and can remember where it is.

I feel awful for your dad. I know EXACTLY what it would feel like. I panic just thinking about it. But please remember, cats are fast. they sometimes slip through without us knowing.

Just keep your fingers croseed and make sure to keep us updated OK?

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that he comes home soon!
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Many that he comes home or is found safe and sound!!
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So sorry to hear about this...Lots of go home for kitty and calming ones for dad.
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Oh no! C'mon kitty! Go home! It's warm and there is lots of food for you!

PS Maybe if he goes out and shakes a bag of cat food?

TCS vibes have worked wonders before, I hope they do now!
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My dad went to the pound in san mateo but he wasnt there.
Heis looking other places also.
It is also raining now.
His name is Wedo.
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So sad I hope he appears.
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What we tell people who come in to our shelter looking for their lost cat is the following:

~PUt up signs with pictures, at least a few blocks radius, maybe more... as many signs as you can. WITH pictures.

~Go in to the shelter, fill out a lost pet card. that way, it's on file there and if someone comes in with that description and lost area, you'll get called. I would think San Mateo Shelter would have something similar. We also have "Found Cats" and "DOA Cats" binders for those that go to local vets and such... heartbreaking binder, the second one is, but it gives closure at the least. I don't know if San Mateo has the same thing, but they should.

~Also walk around, like it sounds he's already done. Talk to neighbors, etc. With weather being cooler, I'd also put a shelter of some sort with blankets that smell familiar to Wedo. Food and water as well.

~Keep going back to the shelter. We tell folks here come in every three days. Three days is our hold time here. And just because it's been longer, doesn't mean he was picked up right away... he could get picked up a week after vanishing... and then the countdown begins... tell him to keep going... Once isn't enough.

Keep it up. Keep hope as well. One of our volunteers' cats got out of her place and was gone... big black cat. He'd never been outside like that and freaked. She waited and waited... eventually resigned herself to never seeing him again... about four months later, she was walking a path nearby to the grocery store... she heard a meow from the brush... guess who? He was skinnier and skittish, but he was alive. Now she has two cats... if he's used to being outside, he's probably just having a stroll... sure, it could be much worse... hence all my advice above.

Good luck... I hope Wedo comes home soon... and I hope your father realizes that maybe Wedo should stay inside all the time now... we can only hope, you know? Good luck... major vibes coming from Portland!!

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keep us updated, I read this yesterday and didnt reply. def keep us updated though as your dads cats in my prayers.
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OMG - I see the clouds moving in over the Sierra and I know they came from your area....
Sending stay safe, warm & dry prayers & vibes out to you all
and a few guardian angels who like rainy days
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Come home Wedo!
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Please come home Wedo!! You are loved and missed, for your safe and quick return
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The cat is not at either spca..... BUt he is a beautiful cat so maybe someone may have taken him... He seems friendly too, so that is possible. I told him to put up signed but I guess he is just lazy too. hope he finds the little cat.
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Any news on Fedo?
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He has not turned up.
my dad said he thinks he is gone forever.
He also told me he saw a Fox and alot of Raccoons.
my dad lives in area that has alot of wild life.
I grew up in thet house.
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Oh I hate to give up on Wedo!
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My dad is not giving up but it seems like he will not be found.
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