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I know Larry hid my keys somewhere. This is so frustrating. When I come in, I always put my keys in a drawer in the kitchen, right around the corner from the door. However, sometimes, (rarely), I'll take off my jacket and put my keys on the table. I think I did that last night when I came in.

I cannot find my keys anywhere!!! He woke me up this morning by knocking something to the floor. When I got up, I couldn't find anything, but I know I heard something land on the floor.

Then, when I was leaving this afternoon to go to the store, I couldn't find my keys anywhere!

It's so frustrating. I know he's knocked them under something, but I've looked all over the place, and he's probably hidden them somewhere where only he can find them.

I have an extra set, but .....really.... What the heck?!?!

Come on, Larry!!! Give 'em up!!!
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Never mind.

I seem to have dropped them into a plastic bag I have hanging on the door, which holds other plastic bags I use for garbage, etc.

I just found them. DOH!

(I don't even remember doing this, by the way. I think the chemo is affecting my brain.)

So, "sorry" to my cat Larry.
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Now go apologize and give the furball a big squeeze!!! And extra treats!
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Now you have to figure out what he actually knocked to the floor.

Fortunately, cats are a very forgiving species.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Now you have to figure out what he actually knocked to the floor.
I know.....right?!?!?

And he got some extra hugs with his supper.

All the time I was frantically searching, he was sleeping peacefully under the quilt, blithely unaware I was blaming him for this whole thing.
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Glad to hear to found your keys....and poor Larry getting the blame, sorry I had to laugh about that

Things are now back to normal?
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