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What to do with Nefertiti..?

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Today I brought home a new kitten (posted in strays and ferals about an hour a go)! She is lovely but I think she has been brought up in the wild and is certainly not used to humans! Right now little 8 week old Nefertiti is sat underneath the book shelf (a very small space). She's stook her head out to have some food when i put it next to her spot she poked her tiny head out to eat. At first when she came home ( a few hours a go) she backed herself up in the corner in the kitchen. Caspian is now shut in the kitchen poor darling but he paws at Nefertiti and she doesnt see it as a game. She is very scared, as soon as I reach my hand beneath the book case she hisses at me. I did have her on my knee for about ten minutes while I was typing and i stroked her but she was very rigid and only there as Id placed her there. I think she is ok beneath the bookcase, its "safe" for here there but I am worried, as its almost bed time, I dont want to leave Caspian in the kitchen. I'm worried she wont use the tray. I'm worried shes stressed. Any advice on coaxing out a nervous shy kitten? But I guess I shouldn't expect too much after all this is her first day here!!!
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I suggest leaving her alone. She will see overtures as threatening. When she is good and ready her feline curiosity will lead her to explore the environment.
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As long as she is eating, she's probably OK. I would suggest leaving her alone, maybe sitting in the room quietly, read a book, generally ignore her. Don't stare! (although it's hard not to look at a new cutie in the house )

As others have noted, eventually feline curiosity will get the better of her.
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I agree with the others. She's very young and cats hate change. You're asking a lot to expect her to be outgoing just a few hours after coming to your home. Give her time.

I really like her name by the way. One of my cats is named Seti.
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