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Raw question

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I have been doing some research on raw and posted on our local craigslist just to see if anyone new of any local butchers who made raw diets etc

Surprisingly I got a reply from a woman who just recently was looking for a butcher for the same reason except she was looking for her dog not her cat.

She found a local butcher who does make a ground raw for dogs which is beef only containing hearts, livers, offal and beef trimmings for .69 lb.

This could be fed to a cat correct? Obviously it would need a calcium supplement because there is no bone.

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And Taurine. Cats need more taurine than dogs.

I'm not sure how much I would trust a local butcher to include the various parts in the proper proportion. I would imagine he mostly would be trying to get rid of his "leftovers" and may not be all that concerned with providing a balanced diet. But

This site has detailed information on what contitutes a balanced diet for cats and how the various components can be derived from meat sources:


I find them a bit rigid in their approach but there is a lot of good, well researched and documented information there.
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Thanks--yeah I definitely want to stop by the shop and check this stuff out. I know they do all their own butchering on site.

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Beef trimmings is usually a lot of fat and little meat ....hence the price .... here for beef with organs or a bone meat organ mix runs about 3$ lb for the " I know who raised it and on what feed and land " , grocery natural is about 4$ a lb for beef and organs ... chicken whole ground ( bones organs meat " whole chicken minus feathers etc " runs 1.67-3$ s lb
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