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How small kittens can survive?

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Is here somewhere topics about how small kittens can survive..?
My cat Kuura just became a father but everything didn't go that well.. The mother is not living with me but I'm chatting through a messenger with her owner, the female is still in labor. First two were born, 90gr and 78gr, they seem fine at this point. Then born two more, 66gr and 50gr!! Fift kitten was born dead, it seemed very small and fragile Wait, there is more coming.. Sixth born alive and kicking, 63gr , and there is still at least one coming!! Is there any chance for those smallest ones or something to do to give them better chances? I think the 50gr propably is a lost case no matter what? They all seem to be fine now, mommy is obviously a bit exhausted but taking good care of her babies.

Would the litter size (possibly seven kittens) cause them to be so small?

(Edit. to add: 100gr is approx. 0.220pounds according to some calculator)
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The more kittens there are the smaller they would be when born. I would just keep an eye on things and be sure all are nursing well. If the smallest one is being shortchanged, you can try bottle feeding. Not all kittens take to that so it can be tough.

Be sure mom is on a very high quality kitten food and free fed when nursing - that will help everyone in the long run.
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Yes, mom has been eating quality kitten food for the past three weeks. She was nursing pretty well today but bottle feeding will be added tomorrow if the kittens haven't gained any weight during night or if they become too weak to nurse by themselves. I'm going to see them tomorrow to check their sexes and colors etc. and hopefully get some photos too. Usually the kittens in these breeds (sire: British Shorthair & dam: Scottish Fold) are around 90-110gr so I'm very worried.. Also the litter size is quite large, we were expecting to have 3-5 kittens max.
Forgot to mention earlier that kittens were born on the 67th day after mating (at least six of them, not sure if the seventh has born yet and it's past midnight here) in case anyone wondered.

I deeply hope that all the remaining kittens and mommy will survive.
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That IS a big litter for those breeds. I hope things go well. But don't feel too bad if not all survive. I've lost a few kittens over the years.
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*Update* The seventh kitten was also born dead, but it was expected 'cause the kittens were so small and there were so many of them.
Good news is that mommy and the five remaining kittens are all still fine, even the smallest ones. I went to see them yesterday and I was surprised how tough the little ones were fighting to get the best nursing place, they were very active and energetic. They all have gained some weight, the smallest did loose few grams but got them back too. Here is a pic of them, the fifth is hiding under the other kittens..
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Squuuuueeeeeeeeee!!!!! BabieeeeeeeeesSSS!!!
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How are the babies? They are so gorgeous!
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Babies are doing fine, thanks for asking. The smallest two are still very tiny but otherwise they seem to be ok. They all have opened their eyes during the weekend!

I'm going to see them later this week and try to get some new pics.
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Congrats to Kuura & family - they are adorable I can scarcely wait to see the pics
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after 1 week nursing you can see them pumping up weight
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I was unable to log in to this site for a long time, weird, but now it seems to be working..

Anyway, I went to see the kittens yesterday. They are now 5 weeks old and very cute!
All of them are doing fine. 3 boys and 2 girls, only two kittens have folded ears and I'm having a hard time choosing one of them! They both are boys.
I took a lot of pictures but almost all of them are totally blurry.. It's kinda hard to try to take pics of moving kittens in a bad light without a flash...

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They are adoreable!!!!!!
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This thread needs a cuteness warning. I like the little tabby with the folded earsies.
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Oh how cute!!!!!!!!
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Aww they are cute!
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Ok - we pick one for you: The little tabby with folded ears - the rest you can send my way - he is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!
They are GORGOEUS!!!!!
Where is the pic. for daddy?
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Here is their daddy

Kuura in his first show a bit over a year ago (picture taken by KatjaP©)

And one of his birthday pics, 1 year old (in July -08)
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Kurra is gorgeous! Wow!
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More fresh pics of the babies, taken few hours ago

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They are adorable! Which one did you decide to keep?
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^I've decided that the darkest and largest kitten with folded ears is the one.
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Oh, good! That one is my favorite, too! Now I can see pictures of him? as he grows up.
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Oh.... My.... God!!! They are so cuuuuuute!!!

I want them all!!
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Oh, my goodness - how cute!!! How lucky all the future families are!
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Oh, good! That one is my favorite, too! Now I can see pictures of him? as he grows up.
I'm definitely going to post more pics when he grows up and when he moves in with me.
In the meanwhile, here's few more pics of my baby (I think I need to visit the kittens next time when it's not yet dark outside, maybe the pics would be a bit better then..)

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