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Strange change in behavior

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Hi all. I have a cat named Isaac who is normally very playful and quiet. We've had him for about 4 months, he was a stray that knew how to use a litter box. He seemed to have been dumped off by some other residents in our apartment complex. He's normally very quiet, only mewing when we feed him... and when he wants to go outside. Now, as of this morning he is acting very strange.

This morning my boyfriend got up to go to work and he was meowing at the door to be let out. He opened the door and he stood there, so he closed the door because he didnt go out like he normally does. Isaac continued to meow like he wanted out. He was meowing so much that he woke me up and I let him downstairs and let him out. Well, at about 8:30 I was woken up by a phone call and he comes running in the bedroom and bites my arm, meowing. Just short squeaks, not like a howl or anything. I push him off the bed and go back to sleep. Well, when I wake up, he runs in and does it again.

Now he's meowing short squeaks when he is touched and he is crawling around on the bed dragging his butt and bobbing it up and down at times, he is squatting like hes going to spray the bed while Im in it so I push him off, and he jumps back up and bites me. He has been doing it since I woke up and he wont leave me alone. I'm worried about his change in behavior. He's never done this before and I dont know what to do. He bites at the blankets and my arms and hands. What should I do? He has never been like this
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my advice is BRING HIM TO THE VET! It sounds to me like he is very uncomfortable and is telling you. If he is dragging his butt then it might just be he needs his anal glads expressed, either way this is the type of behaviour change that needs immediate attention. I hope all is well with your baby!
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Signs of abnormal behaviour in your pet are likely to be sign of abnormal health! Take him to the vets! I'm not entirely sure whats wrong but perhaps he has some sort of internal pain? I really don't know so the vets I would advise
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My male cats have done that when their bladder is becoming blocked with crystals. This kills cats, sometimes within hours. I hope you have already made that vet appointment.
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