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Evening vet visit for Ripley

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Her incision has abscessed, so he lanced it and put her back on antibiotics. Said it didn't help that she was without meds for 5 days which is why the infection set in. Gave me some rich cat food to feed her and said he would skip the lecture of keeping her inside because he knows I tried to do that. We framed the screening that is outside the door, so she can't get out now, right now, she is to sick to try. She is home, I am pushing fluids on her, as I didn't want to leave her even at a good vets. He put a drain back in for a few days and she is upstairs now glowering at me for making her go through yet another ordeal. LOL I told her, she brought this on herself!
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I am so glad that Ripley is doing better!
I have thought about you a lot this weekend with all you have gone through with that Kitty!
You are a good nurse!
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...Ripley Meows! Your MY obediant human! It is your sole job to do as I say, when I say it and take care of my needs when I'm not feeling well! And this is NON-negotiable! BAD HUMAN! BAD HUMAN!

lol. Sorry Hissy, but that's what I would put money on as Ripley saying.

By the way, why the name Ripley? Just curious. Alien reference maybe?
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Now see here, girl! Do what your mommy tells you! And get better, soon. We know your mommy as Hissy here; and we're on her side in this matter. Doctor and mother know what's best for you. Everyone wants you to be healthy and happy, but the "healthy" part has to come first! Okay?


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