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He killed it

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Before my foster boy, Isaac, went to his new home yesterday he managed to "kill" one of his catnip toys. Took of all of 5 minutes for this to happen:

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awww that's so cute! i love how they behave with catnip!
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Awww Isaac, you fierce kitty cat, are you resting after the big hunt?

Sadie has a shaved leg just like Isaac after being hospitalized for a tummy upset. They look so cute that way.
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It looks like he needed a good nap after that kill

I told Amy that Kiko was like that with catnip toys

Aww Lei hugs for you and Sadie
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Oopsy! He does look very satisfied about his 'kill'
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He sure did kill it! Then he needed to take a nap after all his hard work
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