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wilbur meets the bathroom sink

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Don't ask me what he's trying to do, I think he thinks it's a solid piece. i turned on the water just enough so it looked like a steady stream with no breaks.

whatever the case he loves this. I've done it a few times and he sits there as long as I let him doing this over and over.

FYI I added the music just because there's no sounds in the clip. lol
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the music fits it quite well actually
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Good good. I know people are probably getting sick of all the pics and vids I post, but i don't have a whole heap of stuff to do right now so you'll all have to just suffer.

Wilbur, Tinker and I will be going outside later today since it's suppose to be nice, so you'll probably get stuck with another one later today
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Cute! I think he's trying to figure out how to get a drink from that running stream.
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That’s cute! My Mulder does that. (Its funny I’m all the time saying that about Mulder and Wilbur – I guess they are a lot alike…)

Our cat growing up used to do that also, but usually he wanted you to turn the water on and he would turn his head sideways and drink out of it. I assume Wilbur will figure that out pretty soon.
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Yeah - I think he wants a drinky-poo, but doesn't like getting his nose wet. He will figure it out. He's a smart kitty!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post'll all have to just suffer.
So sue me, I like to suffer. I'm a martyr when it comes to looking at cute kitty antics.
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That was SO cute! I have a video of the dog and kitten but haven't been able to load it on there for some reason. How did you add sound? My Toby also loves the bathroom sink!
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How cute! he is so curious
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It looks like he's trying to pull the stream of water to his mouth with his paw.
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Ah Wilbur However can you get a drink without it going up your little nose?!
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How cute!
Some of my kitties do the same but the eventually drink the water.
Has he pulled the stopper out yet?
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I love how he sticks his little paw in the water and then pulls it back and shakes it like "Yuk! How did that get wet?!?!"
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So cute!

My Jack is a water baby--loves the bathtub--especially when meowmy is in it. Loves when daddy takes showers, plays in the sink, plays in his water bowl!

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Wilbur saw what I did by recording him and putting it on youtube and he's not happy with me right now.

I even got a picture of him catching me.

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Awww...that video was just too cute...I love how he bats at the water and seems so confused.

He does seem pretty intent on what you're doing with those videos of him, though. I hope he doesn't get camera shy.
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That last picture is too funny!

I've got a video of my dog on the digital camera and I thought it would be a good idea to show it to her. She got really confused, started barking and then bit the camera. I thought it was funny and told my partner but he didn't find it funny since it's his camera
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