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Luna: at 4wks then 18wks

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4 wks old:

now at 18wks, still her favourite sleeping spot!

and just some extra ones

on my boyfriend's shoulder:

she was quite clumsy for a while:

looking crazy:

having a nap:
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I love the one of her on your bfs shoulder

what a little sweetie!
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That is sooo adorable!!! I love that cutie, looks a lot like my Oreo Cookie
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Your Luna is a beautiful girl! She also looks so much like my Promise that it's a bit spooky. Promise has a bit more white on the chest, a couple more black paw pads, and no white on the cheek, but I doubt anyone other than you and me would know the difference. Since I don't have any kitten pictures of Promise, seeing these really bring back the memories.
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pretty soon she's going to be too big to get on your shoulders! That probably won't stop her though she is lovely little girl
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on my boyfriend's shoulder:

This is sooooo cute!

I can`t quite believe how much she has grown!
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Yes I'm so proud of her when I look at how much she's grown - when I got her the vet wasn't sure if she would make it, the guy I got her off was sooooooo dodgy and she was so young to be taken away from her mother, but she bounced back really quickly, nothing seems to bother her! Even now having eaten a plastic bag she doesn't seem to care at all!
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I also love the piccie on the boyfriend's shoulder!
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