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Need to rant

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I just began school again, which is going well, considering it's only week one. Dad is still sick... no idea what's causing him to be so ill. He'll be going back into the hospital in the next week or so to have his lungs drained FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A MONTH! On top of that, my grandmother (who lives with us) is beginning to decline, and my mom's other knee is acting up, so I've been having to help run the house while balancing schoolwork. Trav (my boyfriend)'s grandmother (Grandma Bessie) is also not doing well at all. His mom thinks she may be dying (she's, like, 94 years old). He seems to be ok, but it's still stressful, and I'm sad bc I have begun to adore Grandma Bessie and it is adding more stress on me. I just have way too much to deal with right now... I needed to vent. I'm done.
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Wow--that is a full plate!!! I know firsthand how difficult it is to be a caregiver AND still have to perform in the outside world. You have my prayers and vibes for you all
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. You definitely have your hands full right now. I know how stressful all that can be. Many healing and calming coming your way.
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