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Ash's new hairdo

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Just wanted to show everyone Ash's lions cut. He got it done yesterday.

Before the big furrry ball...

The new and improved....

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awwwwww he is so cute
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What an easy way to lose a few pounds He's cute with hair or without, but he looks much more chocolate with hair. He seems to be taking the "lion" part to heart!
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I have a long hair black cat and he gets so hot, but I havent had him but about 6 or 7 months and not sure how he would react to the clipping. Does your cat get really upset, how do they keep him from really getting stressed? I'm really considering getting him clipped but not sure how he would react.
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I dunno. The "new and improved" looks seriously p.o.'d.

I've thought about having Buddy done, though. He has a bit of a hygiene problem and I'm getting tired of combing poop, from under his tail. HE doesn't like it either!
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awwwwww so cute!!
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VERY P.o.d , But extremely cute

Thank You for sharing
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Awwww, I love that precious face!
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Ohh wow!! what a big difference!!! I bet he will be alot cooler with this warmer weather coming up! Thanks for sharing!!
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That look onhis face is so funny. Like he mustering up all the dignity he can! So cute.
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I do that to Sara too. She is sooooooo insulted for so long. She will still and groom herself for hours but the funny part is she won't actually lick herself. Just right above her shaved fur, it's too funny!!!
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This cat KNOWS how good looking he is! adorable!!!
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To answer some of your questions....I think Ash likes his new do
It's funny he's jumping higher and running faster, it's like he's lighter. This was his first cut and he was really good, the whole thing took about 30 minutes. At the beginning he was scared, he didn´t know what was going on, which in a way was good cause he sat still, then as the time went on he started getting tired from being pushed and pulled that he started to bite
I know what you mean about the poop problem, I also had to run around with baby wipes to clean his butt But no more
Living in Portugal the weather here getts VERY hot, and the humidity is sometimes 60%. Poor guy he was sleeping in the bath tub and kitchen sink, now he's sleeping on the beds again. I think he's happy with his do. I'll post more pics as I take them.

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He looked so happy fluffy and angry with the lion cut. Just tell him we all think he is cute and soon he will be happy again!
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Wow, they did a great job!!! He looks so regal! I have seen some lion cuts that were just terrible but his looks terrific.
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I love this clip on persians!!! They are so cute to begin with!
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