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My Kitty (photos!)

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If anyone's following the health and nutrition thread, I've just taken my kitty to the vet because she swallowed a plastic bag! So I decided to comfort myself by uploading pictures of my princess.

This was in the 2nd week I had her I think:

I knew after she climbed up here that she was going to be a very playful kitty (she couldn't get herself down for ages!):

She loves to come sit at the computer when I'm using it:

Having a nap the other night:

Having a chew:

She loves it when I go shopping:
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Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!
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Oh what a little sweetheart! You have your hands full with her.
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Oh my god I absolutely adore the second to last picture!!! It's soooo cute!! How old is she now?
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She's 18 weeks now. I got her when she was a tiny 4 weeks
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Aww, I got Jake at 4-5 weeks too and now he is about 13 weeks...It's such joy to watch them grow and turn into handsome young adults lol ..Is she short haired? She looks kind of fuzzy in her earlier pics...
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Yes she's short haired. When I first got her she was such a fuzz ball! It was so cute! She constantly looked like someone had rubbed her with a balloon. But she was pretty sick when I got her and her fur coverage wasn't that good, but she got better really quickly and became much better covered so there's not so many little fluffy bits sticking out now.
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she is beyond adorable!!!
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oh my goodness, she is lovely!
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She's very very cute!
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What a gorgeous little girl!
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OMG! How cute! She has major camo! I did a double check on the pictures, I thought it was 2 different kitties at first.........
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Yeah my bf and I were discussing that today as I uploaded them - her face has changed heaps from when I first had her, even her eye colour changed!
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