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I <3 tcs!

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I just wanted to pop in and tell everyone how much I TCS! I am so thankful that I found this forum shortly after getting my furbabies. Everyone here has been so friendly and helpful, just like a big, happy, online family! This has been made all the more obvious to me as I recently joined a different online forum in which I unwittingly started a nasty little debate between several other members by posting one simple question! That has never happened to me here, and I'm sure it never will because most everyone here is so nice. So, thank you all for being so peace-loving and polite, and for always keeping our kitties' well-being foremost in your posts and comments!
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I am glad you like it here.
Some one said something bad to me about cleo in another group.
I was so amd I posted it in here and everyone was nice here.
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Awww. There are so many kind people on this forum who have done a lot to help kitties and to help other members. It really is a nice group of people.
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It's nice that you've found an online home here!
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TCS is a fantastic place for everyone around the world!
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I absolutely agree! Many for TCS! It's the best forum I've ever found online. I love it here. Thank you so much everyone for welcoming me and my kitties!
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I agree. Even when I leave for a bit then return, its as though I never left. I always feel welcome here Only here do people appreciate my kits as much as I do
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DITTO all of that

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Yes, I agree. This is the nicest group of people anywhere. TCS vibes really work too because the members genuinely care about each other.
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I agree we are all good to each other, and on the rare occasion that a small little squirmish breaks out the Mod's do an excellent job of handling the situation.

And besides where else can you go that you can talk non-stop about cats & no one else get sick of it.
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