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Fleas just wont die!!

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It's the summer..fleas are hatching..my poor kittens are scratching. I have done alot of things to try and stop these fleas from making a home on my kittens. They don't mind baths so I usually put them in the tub and use some flea medicated shampoo. But with all the fleas, they just hatch right back and jump right back on them. I need something rather cheap, yet something that works. Any ideas?!?
Thanks in advance.
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Hissy gave me this link a while back when I was searching for flea med's. Going this route, it saved me LOTS of money. It's just a bit more of a hassle, but it's worth it considering how much money I saved.
Hope this helps!
Advantage for multi cat homes
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Wow, So is this what you use for your kittens? My vet told me to get advantage but when I saw the price I decided to see if there was anything cheaper out there. Thank you. Now if I order this can you tell me how you actually use it on your cats/kittens? Please.
Thank you so much!!
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I would check with your vet about it first since you've got kittens. Two of my cats are 5 years old and one is 1 year old. The dosage might be different for kittens than for adults and it depends on how much they weigh.

Since I've got 3 cats (all which weigh over 9 pounds) and one dog, one 4ml tube will last one month roughly. But once again, I'd hate to give you instructions on how to do it and later find out it was the wrong dose for you cats. Your vet should know exactly what you need to do!
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How did you actually order the advantage for dogs? How do you know how much to use on your 3 kittens. That is how many I have also. I went to the website but I didn't know where to order the medicine from. Can you give me a little more instruction? Thanx!
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Well, okay, so the vet can give me doggie advantage? I was at the vet the other day and she would only let me get cat advantage. When I say kittens, that is how I think of them still unless they are actually "kittens." They are 7months, 8months, and 4 months.
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Some people get this from their vets and some people order it online. That is what I chose to do. The place I ordered it from was in Austrilia and their website is : www.pets-megastore.com.au
I first asked my vet if they thought this was the best solution for my kitties.

As for what I do with my cats:
I went to my local Pharmacy (I actually work for one!) and bought a syringe with a removable needle. It needs to hold at least 1 ML. Then using masking tape, I mark the right dose on the syringe since the med will eat of the ink of the syringe. I then fill the syringe to the mark of the tape, then remove the needle. Then I part the cats fur and apply it in between their shoulder blades. My cats don't like it at all, so you might need someone to hold them down until you get it applied. You can get the dosage on that site that I gave you. I use .8ML per cat since they all weigh more than 9 pounds.

Since you only have 3 animals to treat, you will have left over med. I'm not sure what you need to do with it since usually I don't have any left over. The website says it should last 5 applications per tube, but I leak the stuff all over my hands so I only get 4 applications.

The Advantage that I use is the one for Dogs over 25 kg.

Hope this may help you out. Once again, I'd ask the Vet just in case before you do this. Don't want to hurt your little ones!
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Of course I woudln't dare hurt my lil babies. I used that hartz stuff, and I breed fish. Well that flea medication was still on my kittens necks and well, Sox, my calico loves trying to stick her head in the aquarium and seeing the fish from under the water. Well, she had that medicine on her neck/top of her head so the toxins killed all my fishes. I also need to figure out away to keep her away from there. Any ideas?
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First of all...do not ever use that Hartz stuff! It can be fatal to some cats! It might be cheaper since it's over the counter, but it can cost you your cats life!

As for the fish, I really don't know. I've never owned fish. The only thing I can think of is some kind of lid where that cats can't stick the heads into.
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Ya, well it has a cover, the kittens nudge it off. I mean't how do I keep them from jumping up on the counters or on the aquariums? How do I teach them they aren't allowed up on the counters...or in the trash or anything like that? My kitten Sox is driving me crazy being in heat. She has started bleeding yet but she is meowing/screaming like crazy! ahhhHHH
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You do not want to use full strength Advantage on Kittens ever and the same goes with the Hartz stuff. Both can be extremely toxic to kittens. Most vets, will have the kitten doses of Revolution in their office, and all you have to do is fill out some paperwork to get a couple of free doses. But the Advantage link is for FULL-Grown cats only.

Also please get your cat spayed soon. She will thank you for that and live longer as a result.
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How much would it cost to spay a kitty? I'm thinking about doing so, my kitten is becoming of age to have babies, and she just feels the heat.

I was wondering...How do I enable my html?
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Contact these people, they can direct you

Texas Spay & Neuter
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Hey Hissy. I finally got my pictures of my kitties! Do ya see them? Whatcha think?
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Try sprinkling your floors with Borax! It dehydrates the fleas and makes them hatch prematurely. Sprinkle your carpets, under furniture, on pet beds etc. Wait 6 hours and vacuum off. Do this for about two weeks and your house should be flea free. Use Bio Spot on your kitties, and use a flea spray for your house. Good luck!
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Borax? really? It doesn't hurt the cats...even if they are a little young?
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I use the Advantage for dogs 55lbs and larger. I use one drop per pound of cat. It is safe for nursing queens too. I would put a weight on the aquariun lid or double sided tape around the tank. Try putting air stone (connected to an air pump) into a large water dish. I found they love the way the water fizzes. You may have to tape it to the bowl as they will try to play with it and pull it out.
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