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Inge's Story

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Inge is a 10 year old bi-color and white pedigreed Oriental Shorthair. She is the most loving, friendly cat I have known in quite a while. Here is her story ...

She came to be with her Meowmmy Ann 10 years ago and the bonding process took place instantly. She never looked back at her breeder when they dropped her off with Ann and Inge was well-loved, if not horribly well taken care of.

I came to have Inge (as well as her companion cats, Floppy Toe, Dell and Alanna) right before Thanksgiving when Ann was evicted from her home and had no way to care for her cats.

When they first came here, I was mostly worried about Floppy Toe and Alanna, who spent several days in the vet with a horrible URI, but both are doing well and holding their own now. Dell is fine, eats like a horse and is very playful.

Inge, however, has been steadily going downhill since she came here. She's lost a lot of weight in the nearly two months she's been here, she is hovering over the water dish and the litter box is constantly saturated. She barely eats, her eyes are both crusted over and you can just tell by looking at her that it is "time". She is in the end-stage of renal failure.

Please keep her in your thoughts and close to your hearts tomorrow afternoon when she will be euthanized at my vet's office.

I haven't heard a peep from Ann since she dumped her cats here in November and since her phones have been shut off, I have no way of being able to tell her what is going to happen to Inge. I do have an email address for her at her school, but I am not certain she is even still attending school or even if she is alive or dead at this point. After everything horrible she has done to me, I am a cold and heartless person for saying this, but honestly, I don't care. No one should treat their "precious babies" this way. There have been signs that Inge was ill long before I ever got her in my home. And she could have been treated before it reached this point. Now, it is too late to do anything but put her out of her suffering and misery.

Again, these are cats that were used to living in an absolute dump of a home with a person who couldn't be bothered to even feed them, give them fresh water daily or clean their litter box for weeks at a time much less take them to a vet for regular care.

It is just very, very sad and my heart hurts today because I know there is nothing left to be done for her.
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Oh Gaye that's so sad Poor Inge, at least you gave her a couple of months of affection, and shame on your friend

Lots of smooth, safe to help Inge across the bridge

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I am sorry you have to go through all of this, of all people you didn't need the added stress in your already compromised possition, it bothers me to know that a "friend" would even ask some one to do that for them especially some one who has been as sick as you have been. I am also sorry for the poor babies, to have their life turned up side down being sick and now to lose one. Poor Igne! On the other hand, I am glad that you did end up with them, they couldn't have been in better hands. They are getting the care and attention they need and also Igne is getting relief from her pain and suffering when it is her time, not when she was so far gone she had to expire alone in a corner some where. You are truely a wonderful lady and I envy your dedication to not only your cats but some one elses. They in this short time have really felt what real care is suposed to be like, and even if it came alittle too late for Igne, she got to feel it for the 2 months in your care.
You are wonderful, tomorrow is a sad day for you, so I will be thinking of you!
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At least Inge will have your warm and compassionate heart by her side when she goes. I'm so sorry that she had to suffer so much before this.
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OMG I am shock to read this, Gaye. You must be overwhelmed with emotion. I know you have gone over and beyond taking care of these babies. I know your heart must be broken in so many pieces from Inge all the way to Ann.

Many hugs to you and to Inge and to the rest of the babies that Im sure are going to be deeply sad, too
May her heart and soul be at rest.

Im sorry that both of you had to go through this.
Ann is going to have a lot to have deal with one day.
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May Inge's passing be peaceful.
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So sorry about Inge.
Prayers for you tomorrow.
Theat girl sounds like a jerk.
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Sending prayers and hugs out to you all
Inge has known what true love and comfort is, and soon she will be out of suffering and in a better place, romping happily with all our TSC babies, human & fur-critters, over RB Bless you for having the courage to give her the peaceful passing that she deserves
You will be in my prayers and thoughts tomorrow
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Oh Gaye - I'm sorry. Sometimes, there is nothing more to do - than the kindest thing & let them go.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, Inge.
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Oh Gaye, I'm so sorry my friend....but at least you can have her released from her suffering having known at least a few months of love and caring....(((hugs))) for you, and "good crossing" vibes for Inge, bless both of your hearts.
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I'm so sorry. Many, many for a peaceful and gentle passing for Inge.
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I was just thinking of you, and little Igne. Be at peace with your decision, Igne will be at peace and happily playing with all her new friends, TCS kitties, at the RB.
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That`s so sad

I guess at least in her last few months she got love and attention from you and wasn`t left to die a painful death by her previous 'owner'.

Rest In Peace sweetie
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May that precious girl have a peaceful crossing over the bridge. I'm glad that she had a loving home with you for her last few months.

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