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My wiry attendant

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The last 2 weeks have been bad. I've been dealing with a stomach bug that I just can't seem to kick. Friday afternoon, my dh, daughter and I had to drive out of town and stay in a hotel in preparation for my daughter's swim meet on Saturday. The swim meet was long and very difficult for me. Sitting on hard bleachers for 10 hours in a hot humid natatorium full of screaming fans while having nausea and pain really wore me out.

We got home about 8 pm last night. My husband helped me upstairs and I ran a hot bath. Ziggy, my wirehair/heart cat was right on my heels--even jumping in the tub as the water began running to test it for me! He watched carefully as I soaked and then he led the way to my bed. No sooner was I lying down was he at my side, purring away. He stayed the whole night with me, only standing occasionally to come up to my face to rub and purr for me.

When I woke this morning, there he was, still "on duty." I'm feeling much better today.

Aren't kitties THE BEST?

My Ziggy, the best nurse in the world:

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How sweet! I hope you feel better!
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Originally Posted by nurseangel View Post
How sweet! I hope you feel better!
I hope so too. And shame on your husband and daughter for dragging you out! If your daughter is old enough to go out of town for swim meets, she's old enough to understand when Mom isn't feeling well.
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Well, I'm "Coach Mom" and we've been training since August (she's not on a team, but swims alone). I wouldn't have missed it for the world. My daughter is also mildly autistic, so I feel I need to be there in case of an issue. BTW, she did a marvelous job at the meet!

I am feeling better today. Just can't figure out what's going on as I've been sick for almost 2 weeks.

Ziggy attended to me again last night, too. He is just so sweet.

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Two weeks is a long time to feel that sick. You really should go see your doctor.

BTW - Nurse Ziggy is adorable!
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