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I thought I bought this couch for us!

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Ok, this is how our couch normally looks. Sometimes I can squeeze into the corner, but not very often.

And, yes, the dogs use the pillow more than I do! Please disregard the mess. I just had to get a pic of my 3 canine girls (Brooke is laying on the floor...she got shoved out). Left to right is Skuttles, Buttercup and Snickers. I had to share!
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I love Skittles

...and Buttercup

Ahh what the heck, they're all cuties!

how could anyone want to disturb them?
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Yeah, I hated to disturb them, but I had to get a pic. That's why they are all glaring at me...this was the second (or third) pic I took so I woke them all up. As I was trying to upload the pic, the were all crowded around me wanting to play. Yeah, the cats weren't too impressed.
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that is something else...they know the good places to doubt!

you know what im doing right now? the cats claimed our spare bedroom, so im washing the sheets and and adding some cozy covers for them, and when i get the chance im going to buy some pillows, they are very fond of pillows too!
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Awww I love Snickers' color!! Adorable doggies..
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how cute
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That is why they call it FURniture
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Cute cute!! That is so my couch/loveseat
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My dh and I laugh (and groan) about our $$$ "dog bed", lol!
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Hahaha! Thats funny and cute!
Come on,you know you really bought that couch for them.
No need to be in denial!
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I love Buttercup!
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