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Sweetie and stones

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Well I dont recall last time I updated yas. So he had xrays,determined he has stones,but the crystals were gone from his urine. He was put back on antibiotics for the stones for 20 days. He is halfway thru that. Well last night he was fine and all but then started acting funny. Very odd stance. Like he was straining. He did manage to go poo on my moms bed. He got off the bed,laid on the floor and just starting crying. So dad and I rushed to the evet. They said he was blocked,the stone was prolly trying to come out but blocked him up. They kept him overnight. They thought the stone passed,but it didnt,just got pushed back up into his bladder. Right now he is stable,has a catheter and iv fluids,not sure what else.

So they gave us three options. One surgery asap two keep overnight,ultrasound,then surgery,three take out catheter,make sure he is peeing on his own,bring him home hope the regular vet will take him in tomorrow for surgery there. Could be matter of hours or days she said for the stone to block him up again. If hours,then right back to the evet and surgery.

Money is an issue but not at the same time. We want to do whats best for him. I know evets charge ya out the wazoo for everything. Not sure what regular vet would charge for this same thing. Right now at evet we looking at an additional 1500-3000 for surgery ontop of 900 for his care overnight.

So jsut wondering what yall would do. We are kinda going with just do it rather than hope it doesnt come back in a few hours and have to rush him back there.Cant really go on with well it might not come back for a few days. Cause what if it doesnt hold off that long. Plus ya dunno if the regular vet can take him in asap either. I left a message obviously not there on sundays. Dunno if they gonna call back or not. So mom and dad are off to the bank before they close,and they are closed tomorrow. Then call the evet with our decision.

Whatchas think? The price is like way ouchies but if he needs asap,then he needs it right? Kinda cruel to bring him home and hope he doesnt have a problem overnight. So i dunno. I mean i think we do but,ya know. Thoughts?

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I think I would go for surgery because midnight my sisters cat had that problem.
The vet tried to get rid of the stones without surgery but they did not go away.
He will just block up again without surgery.
What kind of stones are they?
Struvite or oxide?
My Coco has bladder stones and had s/d for 2 months and it worked.
Midnight had surgery right before Thankgiving and everything has been ok since.
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Im not sure. He is on food for struvite though. Thats what his crystals were anyways. The evet said the food was prolly working,like dissovled it some. It got smaller but not small enough to pass thru so it blocked him. No guarantees the food will work and he just keep going thru this. So yeah. I cant watch him be in pain like that again. I can only imagine how awful that is.
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My Patch had exactly the same thing, I opted for the surgery, because by the time I kept having to bring him back and forth, sessions of antibiotics, the bill was piling up. He had Struvite Cyrstals. I was able to get CareCredit, the Vet was able to fill out the application for me. CareCredit has no interest if you pay it in a certain amount of time, Which they do give you a good amount of time to pay it. Good luck.
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It took 2 months for the food to disolve Cocos stones.
She is a girl so she would not block.
Midnight is a male and he had oxide stones.
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Thanks! Yeah I have care credit. My limit is only 500 though so thats gone already. I dunno how much we have spent on him so far,but i know its at least 1000. So yeah. I think we just opt for surgery rather than wait and save a 1000 or so ya know. My mom has money from her mom passing away a few years ago,so she is going to the bank to take some out for this. Otherwise we would be outta luck,dad and i dont have any kinda money like that. Unless we hit the lottery but thats not it is. Its part her kitty too,so ya all good. Sweetie needs all the healing vibes he can get now!

oh okay mew. dont think we wanna wait around and see if the food will help any further if he gonna keep getting blocked.
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I hope everything goes well.
My sister did try other things before Midnight had surgery and she ended up paying more that way.
My Meeko has surgery tomorrow so I know how it feels to be scared.
We have to be at vet at 7:40 am.
Would your cat have surgery today?
I have care credit also but its full already.
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Thanks me too. Yes he would have surgery today.
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Have you decided what to do yet?
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Heh. Im working on it. But im seriously thinking just have it done today. I think my regular vet would say just do it too. Just waiting for my folks to get back make sure they could get the money.
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I would hate for your parents to keep spending money for the same problem if surgery will solve it.
You have a picture of your cat?
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I spent a good portion of my own money on him too. So yeah. Ill tell them to do it then.
Ya i have a pic of him lemme find one for ya.

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He is cute.
Black like Midnight.
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Yup lol. Thanks!
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Okay i just called and spoke to the vet. Told her to do the surgery today. My folks have to go up there to give em another deposit then they will get started. Wish my kitty luck!
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Hey all! Well Sweetie is now home. Been home since tuesday. They kept him an extra day or so cause he had a fever. So far so good. He is in my moms room and content i guess. I got him a different kinda collar other than the E cause we have too many obstacles it can get caught on and yanked off lol. Its an inflatable one i found at petsmart. Hes happier with it. Can actually get comfy to sleep,acts as a lil pillow,and he can actually eat & drink on his own dont have to take it off everytime to let him. In bout two weeks he goes back for stitch removal. Just wanted to update.
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I am glad he is better.
My sisters cat had taht same surgery last Nov and everything is fine.
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I went thur all that with a male cat I had...spent tones of money on him and nothing worked...finally the vet recommended the surgery and he never got blocked again....he did however get alot of infections ...the vet told me to keep all the fur trimmed around the new "hole"....cause for whatever reason stuff collected there the stuff I guess was urine and gets infected fast...I dunno what after care your vet told you to do if any? But after a few months all was well...he lived to the ripe old age of almost 18....
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Ouch on the price. We have a boy with a stone were currently working on a dissolving solution with Urinary SO and anti claiv antibiotics twice a day. His sugery was 700-900 tops that's Canadian though. I'm happy you guys doing better did they send the stone for testing so you can adjust his diet?
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