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Is it ever too late to have your cat spayed?

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Hello everyone i have two female cats i first got them and raised them as kittens in 2007. I never had them spayed because i was always of afraid that something might happen to them during the spaying. But now they howl and cry and are very much in heat so last week i made them a appointment. They are going to the vet tomorrow to be spayed. They have to spend the night at the vet and i am a little sad/scarebut i know it's the best thing for them. At least i think i am doing the right thing i guess it's just that i'll miss them. I decided to have this done because i read where that they could possibly have cancer if it isn't done and because of all the howling and behavior issues. They fight constantly all the time so yes i will be so glad when it's over and when they are back home. I am also wondering if they will act differently when they return like will they be sore, tired etc.. Or if there will be certain things that i have to do or not do. They are currently on Meow Mix the dry cat food but i also have some soft Meow mix as well. They never go outside they are in door cats they may sit in the window but they never go out. Does anyone have any advice for me or anything?

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Good job on getting them spayed. It is really a healthy choice for the cats, plus it stops unwanted/unplanned pregnancies if they happen to sneak out the door.

Your kitties will be sore for a little bit and tired from the anesthetic. Your vet will go over aftercare instructions with you when you pick them up... I've read that stairs should be avoided for spays. (I've only had male cats)

Your kitties will thank you for this choice I know its tough when they are gone, but it is all worth it.
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Make sure you take their food away tonight.
I was told I ahve to take Meekos food away by 8 pm
What time are your cats going?
Meeko goes at 7:40 am.
They will be sore.
All my other ones were.
They said my cat can come home tomorrow night if everything goes well but there is no one there at night.
Do you have pics of your cats?
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You are definitely doing the right thing. It is much healthier. I have 9 cats, 5 girls and 4 boys and everything turned out just fine. All of mine were fine by the time they got home, it was like it never happened. They're all different, some, as said above might be sore, and groggy. Its routine surgery. Their personalities do not change one bit, they're still as loveable and playful as they ever were.
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You are being responsible. By allowing them to go in/out of heat and not bred, they are at more risk for pyrometria. Its NEVER too late to spay a cat. Maybe if the cat is over 10 yrs old it could be risky, but otherwise, spay and enjoy a happier cat!
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I spayed a 12 y/o cat - and have seen 14 y/o cats spayed at the shelter. It's never too late.
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It's never too late to spay. I found an unneutered 10 year old stray and promptly had him neutered. I also took care of a feral cat that took me 5 years to catch to have her spayed. You'll miss them tonight, they will be sore and probably very sleepy when you pick them up, but you are doing the right thing for them. Chances are, they will calm down for you.
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