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Well, once upon a time, I really did have only 10 cats....

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It's my user name wherever I need one.

It started out simply because my husband loves my long hair, and said "Why not Rapunzel?", when I was trying to think of a user name several years ago. Then when I started signing up for this and that, and discovering that names of that sort are usually already taken, rather than accept Rapunzel17 or some other number that means exactly nothing to me, I added my birth year -- a large enough number that it's not usually taken, and -- surprise! -- I can remember it!

Now I've said too much, too, but I don't need to worry about killing all of you, because TONIM68 will already have done it for me

Fun thread.
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Mine is very boring, I tried registering with the name SnowKitty but it said it was already taken. I've never seen anyone on here with that name though. HMMMMM

Everyone I know calls me Snow. It's part of the name that I use everywhere, game sites, nature sites, business even. So I just looked up at the sky and said hmmm, SkyKitty!
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Originally posted by Catfur
It's up my nose
and on my clothes
Floating gently through the air
seems to be everywhere
carries no disease
but still makes me sneeze
quite a stir
it's catfur!

Love it!
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KittenKrazy is my username on most every forum that I post on. I love cats and kittens, and would probably have 100 if I could.....so KittenKrazy fits 1
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Ummm....I think it's obvious! I Russian Blues.
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mine is my oldest cat Tulip and the day and year of my birth. I use it for everything so i dont forget!
(ps I think my absolute fave name is momofmany)
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mine is not interesting...my name that is <G>, but Alix P. Curl is short for Alix is her nickname, P is for Princess and Curl is for her breed (her real name is TGA,RW Mihit Killashandra)
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I picked my screenname cuz that's my name.I am very forgetful of names, passwords, etc so I wanted a screenname that I WON'T forget! For sure I WON'T forget my own name! I DID forget my TCS password several times so I have to hunt up my old email with the password before I could have total access to TCS.. That shows how bad my memory is!
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