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What does your User Name stand for?

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Just wondering what everyone User Name stands for?
Mine is my nickname that almost everyone calls me. When I was little, my family called me Shelly and I totally dreaded it! I don't know why I hate it so much. There are still some people who knew me from when I was little that still call me Shelly, but each time I just grit my teeth & smile. My family knows better than to call me that...so thats when they shortened it to Shell

So, what about your user name?
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Mine is of course Rocky and Fluffy for short, and I am their momma
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GurlPower... mmm....

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Mine stands for one of my favorite movies and books..."Matilda"
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My name-Christine L. O'Keefe (okeefecl).
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Michelle: i thought "Shell" was your nickname. Shell sounds so breezy and cool. :

Matilda: Your name reminds me of the song "Waltzing Matilda" by Banjo Paterson. i love that song!

Christy: i have wondered about your username. Now i know.

Cheers and happy weekend!
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My boyfriend said if we ever got a cat that he wanted to name it Big Kat after the candy bar (a super size Kit Kat that the company labeled "Big Kat"). I didn't think we'd ever get a kitty so I said sure. Then we end up rescuing Pepper and I couldn't bring myself to name him Big Kat so I said no! But in tribute to the name I thought I'd use it when I joined TCS to find out how to take care of Pepper, as he is my first cat.
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mine is of course my first name and 46 is when I got my first coumpter!
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katl8e = Kat Lady
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Name plus favorite number. I've liked the #25 since the 3rd grade. It's a really long story.
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I always wondered what yours stood for! Duh!
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I live in Wellington New Zealand , The Capital of New Zealand and I breed Cats
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Well, Socks is my baby and I call her Sockie.

Original, eh?
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Mine is the name of the tattoo shop where was working when I found this site.
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Well, when I found this site, I had ten cats. Now there are 12!

And I consider them my kids, so I am their mom!
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When my sister inlaw and I got rezzy and allen (now my inlaws cats) we started saying purr for cute and hiss is something was bad. So princess purr means princess cute or cute princess
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Valan is the name of my protagonist in the one novel I wrote when I was in college. Yes it was a full length novel, no I never even shopped it to be published. As soon as I finished it I hated it. It was too predictible, the characters are one dimensional, and it was pretty shallow. I planned to re-write it, just never got around to it. Oh, and it is a vampire book.

HB are my initials, so I'm valanhb!
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Hissy was my very first feral kitten. All hiss and claws when she was tiny grew up to be a very beautiful and loving cat.
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Originally posted by hissy
Hissy was my very first feral kitten. All hiss and claws when she was tiny grew up to be a very beautiful and loving cat.
I hope grant stops hissing and bitting and becomes a loving cat he hasn't been hissing as much...and I don't know about the bitting because i'm not taking any chances with that!
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thh is short for "the headless horse(woman)", a nickname my friends came up with for me in high school, since I was always distracted thinking of horses! and 20 is just a nice, round number I like.
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Mine is just my first inital squished with my last name.
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Tamme~> That's my name, don't wear it out!
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Cassandra is my first name, and Starr is my middle name. Gee I'm original huh?
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Missy&SpikesMom---Because I AM my kitty's Mom!!!!


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My real name is Lizza

well this name was already taken as a screen name on aol about 12 yrs ago.......so

Lhezzza (if you say it it's "Lizza")

just being toooo creative

It's my user name for everything, aol, yahoo, hotmail,....
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Everyone has such GREAT names , I was considering of WellingtonWonder for registering but WellingtonCats is cool , It's amazing how many people call me Wellington LOL , and I'm Sam WC is cool too
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Uhh... well my name is Angel.
And everyone would make fun of me saying that I live in a zoo! So Angel's Zoo

I've also been called cat lady about a bazillion times, but that ones so typical, everyone's heard it and probably everyones been called it around the cat community, so it's not quiet as big of a stand outish privlage.
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Mine is because i can never just have a little bit, i have to have the whole kit and kaboodle, so not just one cat, but so far 4, so ...........the whole.........kittenkaboodle.
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Binkyhoo just comes from my 2 cats names, Binky and Hooda(Hoots).
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Dali is my name and 55 because thats in my log-in for comcast, it's easier to just use the same name for everything this way I don't get confused. That's not to hard these days.
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