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Chloe will groom us, almost on demand. If you just stick your face in front of hers, she'll start licking you. It's so cute.

Mattie and Henry can't be bothered.
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My best friend's sister's cat, Tanzie will groom us, sometimes, but you usually have to get her really happy and purrzy. =P

Stratus often grooms me, even does the light nipping that they do to "scrub" their fur. =3 He's such a momma's boy. <3

Lol, John, that would be awesome, having a cougar nicely grooming you...
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Originally Posted by roobear View Post
You have a cougar? Wow, i bet he's handful? What's it like looking after a large wild cat?
Yes I do My wife and I live with our cougar, 4 bobcats and 4 domestics. Yes, they are a handful and a tremendous amount of work. Living with our wild cats is one of the greatest experiences of my life. To have such a close bond with these great cats is truly a gift from God for me
Lol, John, that would be awesome, having a cougar nicely grooming you
It is such a wonderful act of love from them, but boy it sure hurts Their tongue is like 40 grit sand paper.
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Hehe, my Stratus has a similarly rough tongue, but I can't imagine it being several times the size....>_<
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When one of my cats kittens (that we had to sell on) was young, he licked my hair when I would lie down but none of the others did it. Nor have the others that we kept whilst they have grown up.

Sometimes they will lick my hand but nine times out of ten it turns into a playful bite which sometimes is quite uncomfortable lol.

I dont think I would like it if my cats licked my face to be honest. Especially as they lick their privates with that very same tounge!
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Princess is the only one of my five kitties that will lick me, she usually does it when I come home from work or when she wants to take a nap.
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Grabben licks my husbands hair - it actually smells really good after he's done. He only sticks to one or two spots though. I've had the pleasure of having Grabben lick my forehead in one spot for several minutes. (ouch!) - he's got a rough little tongue!
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My orange baby Crush... will groom me to NO end! lol it's cute, he does it whenever he gets picked up, and always before he sits on me for a nap. Face, shoulders, hair... anything that's showing he'll groom, and won't stop until he thinks I look good! lol He grooms my husband's hair, too, as well as our other kitty Waffles. It's so cute!
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