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so i decided to take up a new hobby...

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shooting/target practicing, and i have the best teacher, my father. my goal is to become comfortable with the 9mm, then i want to buy my own mainly for portection living in the woods, i was robbed at gun point once and its not going to happen again!

so last night i just asked him to show me some of his pistols to get me familiar with things, well he showed me some and how to do some basic things and then he showed me the 9mm, and you know before you shoot how you have to pull back that clip? well i wasnt even strong enough to do that

so he said i must start on a 22 anyway and work my way up, but i guess in the meantime im going to start working out my arms to get them a little stronger...and my dad seemed so happy i wanted to learn, i think its going to be an awesome bonding experience as well
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It's great that you have your father to teach you! I want to learn to shoot too because we also live in the middle of nowhere, and we have bobcats and mountain lions that would eat my dogs for dinner. Not to mention it would just be cool to test my ability on targets (non-living). But, I'm so afraid of guns right now, it's not funny. We have a 22 shot gun in the bedroom and I tip-toe around it. It's not loaded...I'm just paranoid.

My grandfather was president of the rifle club and coach for the rifle team at my high school (LONG before I was there). He was an excellent shot in competions and I inherited all his medals after he passed away. I wish he could teach me now.
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I bet your father is glad to spend the time with you - and with a hobby he enjoys.

A suggestion, though. If you pull a gun on someone you better be ready to actually shoot them. Otherwise you only risk the gun being taken away and turned on you.
As far as home protection, you may want to consider a shotgun as it's not going to go through walls or travel as far.
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i was kinda worried about that too, im hoping getting totally comfortable with shooting guns will help, and if someone breaks in and i can shoot them b4 they grab it off me they wont be leaving!
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Originally Posted by cats4sky View Post
and you know before you shoot how you have to pull back that clip? well i wasnt even strong enough to do that
It took me a little while to find a good way to pull the slide back on my 9mm when I bought it I took a safety course at a local range and they started me with a .22 then let me try the 9mm since I said I was interested in it. Shot a few different 9's then chose the Springfield XD9 subcompact - it'll be a conceal carry weapon once I get my permit.

I love to go target shooting. I was actually pretty good at it, considering I'd never shot a gun before, and the first time I put a few rounds through a 9mm, I hit the red X in the center about 4 times, and in the inner circle the rest of the time. It would have been fun to learn with my dad - he has a .22 that he keeps for protection at the house (we were robbed once years ago, and when we moved to the house they live in now, someone tried to break in).

Rob has a 12ga Mossburg 500 tactical shotgun, and I plan on getting one in 20ga just like his. He wants a .40 cal like mine. Both will be used for home protection in our new house. The house we live in now (his parents) always has the doors unlocked and I hate that. Our house is across from woods and off a road with all of 5 houses on it, so we're not taking any chances!
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Thats a great thing to learn for your own personal safety, and It has the added bonus of being able to spend time and bond with your dad. It's def a win/win idea!
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I have the .22 target pistol they Navy uses to qualify female officers on. Nice gun, although I haven't fired it in years.

We used to have to carry a riot gun (short 12 ga shotgun) when we hauled military ordnance. We both had to qualify on it.

I'm no big fan of guns, but I do appreciate good machinery.
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i think im looking forward to bonding with my dad the same as i am learning about shooting, growing up he was always working, its going to be nice to actually spend time together and teach me something he loves
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