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Daily Thread Sunday Jan 18th

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Morning All!!!

Snowing here today but at least it has warmed up to -10C.

Heading out shortly to shovel off my deck and clean my stairs. Afterwards going to pick up a newspaper and some kitty litter.

Going to be sort of a lazy day today, my shoulders and wrists are quite sore from the damper weather so I think I will just take it easy today.

Going to watch some TV and maybe work on a couple of quilt patches this afternoon if my hands are up to it.

The kitties are of course bird watching right now, we have tons of birds at the feeders so it looks like I will need to fill them up and if I have time tomorrow stop by the grocery store to see if I can get some beef fat to make suet. It is very easy to make and the smaller birds just love it.

Everyone have a great day.
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sundays i start the day by cleaning up and doing some laundry

then today we are going to my parents house for roast dinner...yes!!!

then to visit BF's gram in hosp, she just had knee replacement

then to the grocery store and then prob back to the couch to cuddle and watch tv
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Its finally warmed up some today if you call 20 warm. But its snowing heavily and is going to all day.My feeders are also full and the cats are enjoying watching all the birds,squirrles and chipmunks.
Its going to be a lazy day here. Except for some snow shoveling later on.I'm Going to put a Spiral ham in the oven with scalloped potatoes for supper.
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Snowing here as well. They're calling for 4-8 inches for us. Just staying in today. Lazy day of watching TV and playing video games probably.
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Friday and Saturday morning were the coldest 2 days we've had (single digits F) in the past 6 years. It has warmed up to over 40 F today, so it's absolutely balmy by comparison.

I've got to run by the drug store to pick up a prescription and afterward I think I'll stop off and pick up some Chinese food for lunch. I'm also toying with the idea of going to Borders later this afternoon and sitting around for several hours sipping on coffee and browsing their books. I'll probably be doing a bit of programming work as well, or at least as much as the cats will let me while they're sitting on my lap.
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It's warmed up to -2C here! We got a ton of snow overnight, and it's still snowing. The balcony is covered, and the boys were funny this morning. Each took a turn venturing out into the snow ands ort of dug around for a bit. Then they came racing in and scattered snow everywhere.
I have to clean off the feeders there as they're so covered we having been seeing any birds lately.
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Snowy here too, although its stopped right now.

We spent a good 2-2.5hrs outside snowblowing. Did our driveway plus the grass in between our house and the neighbours (the shoveled snow was piled about 5ft high...nowhere to pile more snow... so we blew it onto the other side), snowblowed a neighbours driveway (he has a hernia).... made a path for my dog in the back cuz the snow was up past her belly.

Temp outside is actually not bad... considerred the deep freeze we're coming out of. I actually enjoyed being outside.

Did some minor shopping... had to exchange some cat food I bought (Kizzy's bum doesn't like it LOL) and of course, picked up a couple toys. I really wish the kitty trees/condos/climbers weren't so expensive. There's one I like but its $170 that I can't warrant spending right now. I did however get him these sisal scratching post things that you hang on a door knob. He really likes the sisal They were 10/ea and I got 2... one for upstairs, one for down.

Got some groceries, came home and played on the Wii for a bit.

Leftovers for supper.

So yah, its been a good day
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Had a headache for most of Saturday so I went to bed early and slept in till almost 7 am!!

Got the paper, made coffee and had toast then Neil comes downstairs and wants to go out to breakfast!!

So got ready and went to Perkins, then to local discount store to pick up his prescription to find out it wasn't open until 10 am and we waited around to find out his prescription wasn't transferred to this place! Grrrr. So had to stop at the other store location for it.

Went grocery shopping and came home and I shoveled the driveway, mixed birdseed to refill all the feeders. Finished the newspaper.

So I butterflied a tuekey and its been in the oven for 90 minutes and boiling some potatoes to try a loaded potato baked dish and also stovetop stuffing for dinner.

Not much excitement here-just enjoying the warmer (17F) temps.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post

So I butterflied a tuekey and its been in the oven for 90 minutes and boiling some potatoes to try a loaded potato baked dish and also stovetop stuffing for dinner.

What is "butterflied" turkey???
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