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is this normal?? lol

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ok....my dad has still been using my very first car after i bought a new one, now there are so many great memories in that car, and my dad bought a new truck and told me that since the Beretta is still in my name i would have to go to the junkyard with him on monday to sign it over.

i burst into tears i was so sad. ive had so many great memories, i think its the whole sentimental value of it. so there were my parents both laughing and trying to console me at the same time.

am i normal? or is there something wrong with me???
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I think it's perfectly normal, especially since it was your first car. I cried when I had to get rid of my first car...78 Pontiac Firebird. Oh my, if cars could talk she would have some great stories to tell! (Note to parents...do NOT let your 18 year old daughter get a firebird! ). I loved that car! I know how you feel.
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thanks! that car took me on so many road trips and was so good to me, never broke down on me far away, would always wait til i was close to home

im going to key one of its keys and put in on my keyring to continue the good luck with my honda
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I totally understand what you're saying, but I could not get rid of my first car fast enough! I had an '82 Ford Escort...what a lemon! When I traded it in and brought it to them, that thing was smoking so badly, and died on the spot. Everyone was staring!
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Of course it's normal! I still have fond memories of our old white-over-maroon stationwaggle (as my father liked to call it), circa 1960, and the yellow crayon that had melted and become one with the carpet in the back.
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lol. My first car is still sitting in my carport. I felt guilty when I bought a new one! I plan to donate my old car to charity, I just haven't gotten around to it!
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