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most embarrassing work moments

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well i like to call them funny, cause i dont embarrass easily:

- one day i go into work and i had a black shirt on and one of my coworkers comes over to ask me a question and was like....ummmmm did u forget to use your lint roller this morning? here i totally forgot to de-lint before leaving the house and my back was covered in cat hair, so i put my over sweater on for the remainder of the day

- this one had everyone laughing....i work with a headset on, and the one day i guess i was just out of it and i got up and started walking away with the headset on and didnt realize it until i got tugged back and realized i almost ripped everything off my desk

- just recently i was in the mood to dress nice for work. so i got all dressed up and i go in and my supervisor said wow! you look like you went on an interview today...then he looks down and goes....except for your shoes!!!!
here when i was leaving i forgot and put my dirty sneakers on
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LOL, I've done that with my headset more than once! I just don't learn.

I try to forget most of my embarrassing moments, but here's a few.

Where I work, you need to use your ID card to get in the main part of the building and the room for my contract. You just wave it in front of this magical box and it beeps and unlocks the door. One day I was coming back up from break, and waved it in front of the elevator button without thinking...and waited, and waited....until finally someone else came and actually PUSHED the button. Yeah, I was late coming back from break but my supervisor got a big kick out of it!

We get a lot of calls from military people with questions about their pay. They're pay stubs are called leave and earnings statements, also know as LES. I was talking to a person and went to tell him to check his LES next pay...but it came out "check your LSD". There was a long pause, then "ummm, excuse me?". What can I say, it was a Monday!
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