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Travelling - air or land.

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I am split between driving or flying my Maine Coon kitty to my new home in Washington D.C., while my wife is flying and could take our cat; I will be driving and can also take the cat. I imagine I could bond with him while he is in the back for the car (there are special supplies that convert the backseat into a safety-net, enclosure area for the cat). It is a 19-hour drive, but I am not entirely comfortable with the idea of him being in the cargo area of the plane. I suppose any previous experiences or tips would help me come to a final conclusion before the move.
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I did Iowa to Washington and back a few times (in a car) with Zoe without any trouble. She had a small litter pan, water, and had access in and out of her carrier the whole time.
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My cats were all flown to me in cargo (cats aren't allowed on board here) they were all fine and treated well.
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It all depends on what's the faster route - fly or drive? If flying (incl. waiting times, clearing luggage etc.) is faster, I would fly! Either way, you still need to get food, water and litter box ready for travel

Just re-read your original post - 19 hours of driving? You don't need to put the cat in cargo, if you fly the right airlines, the cat would be in cabin with your wife
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
You don't need to put the cat in cargo, if you fly the right airlines, the cat would be in cabin with your wife
Would a 6 month old Coonie fit under the seat though?
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Take it this way - I flew Lufthansa from Atlanta to Kuala Lumpur, 22 hours with a then 11 month old Aby. A 6 month old Coon would be not much bigger than that, so the simple answer would be yes! It only cost US$250 for the journey for the cat!

I'd wonder about a 4 yr old male MCO though...
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Any reason the cat cannot fly on board with your wife? That would be the safest and quickest rather then driving. You can't let the cat ride loose in the car - he has to be in a carrier for his safety and your safety.

If he can't ride with your wife in cabin, then try to get a direct flight for him riding in cargo area.

I've shipped cats (and had them shipped to me) in cargo with no problems. I'll be getting an Ocicat kitten in a few months and he will have to be shipped to me in cargo. I've also flown to cat shows with my cat in cabin with me.
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While putting the cat in a back-seat enclosure might very well be your most practical solution, it isn't going to be a chance for you to bond with the cat! There are a few odd cats out there that don't mind driving, but, even if your cat is one of those who doesn't mind driving, the first long drive he takes is extremely unlikely to be enjoyable enough to be a bonding experience.
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Well, we are both driving, so driving it is! Should be fun, I am opening the back of the SUV and padding it up, putting a litter box and all that jazz. Should be a fuuuun trip - haha. My wife gets the toddler and I will get Loki the Lurker.
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