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Official Introduction - well, so much for trying...

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Well, I think I tried to give Lucky and Bugsy a proper introduction - so much for that! It turns out both of them had their own plans, and didn't really care for mine
Bugsy is a loverboy, and kept calling me over and over again - He is also extremely curious, and wanted to explore the place.... So, I went to visit him in the bathroom, and he ran away..... right to the living room where Lucky was Then.... From there he went to under the bed....... and Lucky went after him. Now both were under the bed, about 3 feet from each other, and both of them out of my reach
So I laid on the floor and waited.
That is when their introduction started happening.... Lucky was doing this noise... Like a very loud purr... Sounded like her stomach was turning, or she was really hungry... Then she started to yawn... yawn... and yawn some more... and she laid her head on the floor, and went belly up. He laid on the floor belly up too... That is when I saw they will be just fine.
Now they are both around the house. It is pretty funny to watch. Lucky follows him everywhere. When he passes by, she follows. Then she goes away, and he follows. Always keeping a safe few feet away, unless when passing by, when they go nose to nose.
Whenever he passes by, Lucky sticks her paw and touches him, as if she was calling him. If he gets too close, or startles her, she puts her paw up.
Not a hiss, not a fight, not nothing... I know Lucky is nervous - Bugsy really isn't.... He has eaten, used the box, and is now drinking water out of the fountain.
I don't think I will go back to locking him up.... I think they are making friends - on the first day!
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sounds like Lucky really wanted a friend!
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